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Residential complex "KORONA" - Plovdiv, 13, Peshtersko shose Blvd.

Residential complex with shops and underground garage "Korona" is located on one of the main arteries of Plovdiv, namely "Peshtersko shose" Blvd.
The complex has a total build-up area of ​​37 075 sq. m. and consists of 8 buildings, including 7 residential and one commercial, developed stepped in U-shaped locks with internal garden, all open to the south. The whole interior space is a richly landscaped park which dispose to residents` relax and children's safe play. Underground parking is situated on the whole area plot. The complex is equipped with an access control system and a CCTV system.
The project started in September 2013, accomplished in three stages until January 2018 and includes the phased construction of the seven sections with 368 apartments, underground parking, shops, offices and parking on the ground floor.
The main distinctive architectural element in the compositional solution of the whole project is a stylized crown, which is located on the top of the highest central building - Section "A" 50 m high. Looked from the top the eight corona rays form the ancient symbol "the Lakshmi star" (which represents two interlaced squares), whose symbolism is believed to bring prosperity to the residents of the complex. A luxury apartment-penthouse with a square of 400 sq.m is situated among the crown. It has a 360-degree panoramic view of Plovdiv, toward the hills and the Rhodopes. The penthouse is furnished in a special design project with interior decorated in black granite and onyx.
Section A is designed with one underground floor and 18 above ground floors, including 87 apartments ranging from 55 to 203 sq.m. and retail outlets - bank office and fitness on two levels. The building includes two high-tech elevators, one of which is high-speed.
Sections "B" and "C" include a total of 79 apartments with areas ranging from 51 to 79 square meters, and on the ground floor bar-club, pharmacy and shops.
Sections "D" "D1" and "E" - with 106 apartments, with squares from 45 to 83 sq.m., and on the ground floor there is a supermarket "Triumph" on area of ​​800 sq.m.
Sections "F" "G" include 96 apartments with squares ranging from 45 to 103 sq.m. On the ground floor there are dental offices, security office and CCTV of the complex.

The construction of the building is reinforced concrete-monolithic, for the most part it is mercury-free. The exterior and interior walls between the apartments are filled with WINERBERGER bricks 25 cm, and between the separate spaces in the apartments with WINERBERGER bricks 12 cm. High quality materials are used in the realization: waterproofing of the Italian company "General", external insulation of 10 cm by company detail of "BAUMIT", high class 5 chamber PVC window joinery, etc. Underground garages are equipped with a modern fire alarm and fire extinguishing system provided with emergency power supply. Additional extras are the magnetic doors separating the space in the underground parking and ensuring isolation of the zones in case of fire.
The common parts of the buildings are accomplished with granite and marble, which contribute to the luxurious finish.
The facade has clear volumes and shapes typical of housing, completed with silicate plaster. A smart architectural solution is the hidden air ducts from the underground parking to the highest level which have been transformed into elements of the facade. Balconies and terraces have a special construction of concrete elements and glass in gray shade. Section A terraces bring dynamics to the silhouette of the central building and are a natural extension of the contours of the crown's rays.