Mercury Inc


Cordeel-Bulgaria Inc


eng. Manyo Manev, BIAS-M ЕООД


arch. Milena Nanova, Studio 17,5-M OOD



Client: Mercury - Malta
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Description of work: Design and Build
Period of execution: 420 days    
Total built-up area: 22 000 m²          
Start of execution 2012 - End of execution 2014
Description of project:

1. The Bulgaria Mall Tower Office building on Bulgaria Boulevard is part of the already built and running by the end of 2012 Bulgaria Mall complex and stage 3 of the investment program of the assignor. It is divided into a separate structural unit and consists of office space for rent, lift lobbies, two staircases with antechambers, service rooms and toilets.
Bulgaria Mall Tower is one of the tallest new buildings in Bulgaria. The tower is in the southwestern part of the Bulgaria Mall complex and is characterized by the following parameters: built-up area of 1280 m², total built-up area - more than 22 000 m², height - 90.5 m above ground level. The building occupies a part of the four underground and the four aboveground levels of the so-called podium. There is a technical floor and another 15 floors of offices above the roof of the mall. The last two floors are designed to hold a power station, as well as electricity and machinery spaces for elevators, while the HVAC equipment is located on the rooftop.
Bulgaria Mall Tower is an important part of the overall spatial composition of the complex. The massive podium is balanced by the powerful vertical volume of the building. The tower, rising over 90 m, harmoniously fits into the series of tall buildings forming the silhouette of Bulgaria Boulevard on the background of the mountain. The shape is clean and the large-sized screen on the facade emphasizes its scale.
The periphery is completely free for offices to take advantage of the natural light and beautiful views of mountains and the city. The main body includes the main vertical communications systems and installations and constitutes an essential element of the design.
The fast and reliable vertical connections are particularly important for the normal functioning of the building. They are carried out by five high-speed passenger elevators and one freight elevator.
Five of them are the first in Bulgaria high-speed elevators with a speed of 4 meters per second, currently the fastest high-speed elevators in Bulgaria. The elevators are run through a fully computerized traffic optimization system - PORT. Turnstiles at the entrance of the tower are run through 8 PORT terminals, which simultaneously allow visitor access to the building and direct visitors to the elevator provided for them.

The short deadlines for execution of the site required maximum optimization of any construction technique.
The facade of the first four floors was finished and had to be preserved during the work on the rough construction.
In addition to this, there was a complete and fully functional office on the 4th floor of the building - our task was not to allow interruption of the work in the office even for a day.
We implemented the installation of the curtain wall parallel with the work on the rough construction. This saved us a considerable amount of time.
The mast climbing jacks that we used for the installation of the facade were mounted one level above the functioning office on specially made steel brackets.
We used a specially designed system that protected the constructors on the facade who were working just a few meters below the reinforced concrete elements that were being made at the same time.
We applied a similar technique in the installation of the lifts. We made a temporary roof in the middle of the building height, practically interrupting the main body in its elevator shaft part and then, using climbing jacks especially made for the purpose, we began mounting the lift rails before completing the rough construction.