Magnum Bulgaria GAMA EOOD


Dr. Ilia Alashki - AvH, PhD, SE


Strabag EAD / Concortium Elektromechanika / Uniken


A.D.A. – Architectural Design Agency Ltd.



The Mega Mall of Sofia is the first modern shopping center located in the western part of the Sofia - in the “Lyulin” residential complex.
The constructed building is a third project version, realized entirely by the A.D.A team as a project leader, architect and engineers coordinator. As regards the previous two unrealized versions, A.D.A had the role of the local architect, consecutively a partner of the Austrian architectural offices Skyline and Jungwirth. The realization restores the explicit building silhouette searched in the 2007 architectural conception with an accent on the main entrance with a square. The specific graphic design of the facades brings strong identity to the large-scale, simplified Mega Mall volume to turn it into a landmark building on the entrance of the “Lyulin” district.
The Mega Mall is centrally located – right after the tunnel of "Tsaritsa Yoanna" Blvd., at the crossroad with “Dobrinova skala” St. Both roads are major for the region - the one provides access from the center to the Ring road and the other one circles around the southern part of the “Lyulin” district.
Currently, the Mega Mall is the only mall in Sofia having a direct connection to the subway, an important advantage for the convenient access of visitors and for the success of the project. Visitors enter the mall directly through the warm connection with the “Zapaden park” subway station, which is the first station for the “Lyulin” district. The two main entrances, located one above the other, offer an alternative access- respectively to the first underground floor and to the ground floor. An important project element is the urban square area unique for the whole “Lyulin” district. The expectations are that the square “turning its back” to the busy juncture and sheltered by the mega portal of the main entrance will become an attractive meeting place for the “Lyulin” inhabitants. The terrace-restaurant on the third floor offers an impressive panoramic view to the square, the juncture and the whole residential complex. The square, apart from being a recreation space, offers the possibility for temporary events such as bazaars, exhibitions and other commercial and artistic activities.
The Mega Mall of Sofia has four above-ground and two underground levels. The commercial, warehouse and the support and service activities are being performed on the first three floors and on the first basement floor. On the fourth and on the roof levels as well as on the second underground level there are about 600 car parking lots. Without precedent for the moment in Sofia are the two straight ramps leading to the parking levels behind the south west facade. The ramp, leading to the parking lots on the fourth and on the fifth roof-level has the characteristics of a street space.
The Mega Mall of Sofia is meant to be a place for shopping and meetings. Areas for entertainment - a square, a playground and a center for children, restaurants and various services provide sufficient space for comfort and leisure, but the focus is on shopping, accessible to a wider range of users. Available are about 100 shops with a total area of 25.000 m2. Commercial areas are organized around a classical central four-story atrium – mall surrounded by galleries, connected by escalators and elevators. A maximum simplicity in the planning and spatial solutions has been looked for with a particular care to the effectiveness of the proportion between common parts and rental parts.
The simplicity and explicitness of the design are of conceptual nature and are consecutively interwoven into the spatial structure from the silhouette to every detail. The facades determine the identity of the building. This effect is achieved through a combination of several materials: a curtain wall on the main entrance, a ventilated facade with aluminum lamellas on the north and west sides and a plaster insulation system on the south and east side. The Hunter Douglas aluminum lamellas in seven standard colors are combined in a two dimensional elegant color composition which creates the effect of mega urban - op art.