International Business school


Markan Ltd.


Dipl. eng. Martin Maximov


LP Arch Ltd. - Arch. Atanas Panov, Arch. Lorita Panova, Arch. Ivaylo Ignatov; Hoek & de Wit Architecten - Ernst Hoek; Markan Project - Arch. Deyan Baranski



This is a project with a cause realized by a team of professionals dedicated to details. 
It is a higher education school building which is the first of its kind for the last 25 years in Sofia. It is an ambience which is natural continuation of the necessity for modern tendencies in the contemporary education environment. 
The architectural product was created by three professional teams each of which specialized in its sphere: façade and general architecture – „LP Аrch“ –arch. Аtanas Panov,  arch. Lorita Panova, arch. Ivaylo Ignatov; interior – Hoek & de Wit Architecten, Ernst Hoek (the Netherlands) and work project „MARKAN PROJECT“, arch. Dejan Baranski.
 The collision of ideas allows the inhabitants of the building today to enjoy the best of decisions around which the three teams united. 
The building outside and inside is saturated with modern accents and architectural solutions. The French windows with RAYNAERS  profiles surround the whole building and together with the serious thermal insulation save at least 10–15% more heat than the normative coefficient required for this purpose. The configuration of the facade provides 65% passive sun protection without blinds. The color of the façade is white but with many colorful elements which create aesthetic feeling.
The white color dominates in the interior but is combined with other rich colors and a lot of light. 
All efforts of the teams were directed to the creation of a modern impressionistic sound and mood. The main tendency in the building is the considerable inside transparency. Light is everywhere which makes the students be a part of real life and open surrounding space.
The project was a challenge due to its complex multifunctional design. In fact it has two independent buildings connected in many ways by the idea of synergy of two complementing each other business models. The academic building has 16 lecture halls with modern didactic equipment - projectors, controlled LED lighting, blinds and scratch white boards. The whole building has an invisible last generation Wi-Fi connection, double high speed optical internet connection and professional wiring with four independent server premises. Surveillance cameras are noticed discreetly. The academic building disposes of Aula Magna for 360 people for bigger events and famous lecturers. It is equipped with modern audio system, big screen, removable doors for dynamic transformation of the space, video stream camera for events in live, controlled blinds, art installation and again scratch walls for writing. All premises are air-conditioned by LG’s VRF and ventilated by the recuperative cameras of DAMVENT. BMS controls and turns off the energy consumption of each hall. 
We draw the attention to several more functional zones of the building which form the working environment  -  the two floor library; bookstore; copy center; coffee shop; central administration; students’ council with a cozy English yard. The central element of the interior is the lobby with a live tree totem of the building. The ceiling is encrypted with messages and wisdom sentences. The canteen for 140 people is for lunch, coffee, informal meetings and conversations.
Another main part is the hotel which has a very important role in the learning process. For years the INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS SCHOOL has been developing programs in the sphere of hotel and tourist business. The contemporary concept is that good professionals are those who combine theory and practice in one. For the first time in Bulgaria this symbiosis is achieved in a unique way. The kitchen of the hotel allows culinary practices and learning on the spot. 
The first hotel floor combines business and learning environment. There will be conducted certification courses in the sphere of sommeliership. 
One of the 5 lifts Shiendler is the inside bridge between the two buildings. The food prepared by the students in the kitchen is the main menu offered in the canteen. In short – the marketing student will have lunch prepared by the hospitality student. The hotel staff will also be of students. The main idea of the project is that the students are educated by working in a modern and really functioning  environment . This is why the location is not accidental – central Sofia, 3 minutes walking to the South park, only 2 minutes to the cinema and the mall and 1 minute to the metro station and from there may be to the other end of the city.
There is a lot more to tell but we would like to most cordially invite you to visit us at the new home of the INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS SCHOOL .