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Cappuccino is an exclusive residential building with a modern design. It is situated in the Oborishte district of Sofia – one of the capital’s most prestigious neighbourhoods which retains its peace and quiet, ample green spaces and an excellent reputation. The building is located in a quiet street, at No. 16 Bunaya St.
About the Cappuccino Building
Rising 8 floors above the ground, the building has a total built-up area of more than 3,500 square metres. Its impressive design has a dynamic feel of motion and flexibility. A distinctive feature are the big French windows which let in plenty of daylight.
The façade is made of fibre cement sheets and plaster, with designer parapets. Its bold vision is coupled with a functional layout and luxury common areas. Especially impressive is the designer vision of the entrance hall.
Cappuccino meets every single requirement of a modern urban home: it has quality, a functional layout, comfort, parking spaces, peace and quiet, but also a convenient location and ample green surroundings.
The apartments available in the Cappuccino building vary in size and layout, so that each customer can choose a home best suited to their needs.
The building has 8 floors with 2 additional underground floors with parking spaces and storage rooms. There are shops on the ground floor. The top-floor apartments have spacious balconies with spectacular views.
Entrance hall, corridors and staircases
The entrance hall has a distinctive designer vision, exuding style and elegance. The corridors and the staircases are surfaced with stone, and the parapets are individually designed. The walls and ceilings are plastered with gypsum and finished with latex paint. Glass doors separate the staircase from the corridors, so that residents can enjoy more peace and quiet. The lighting is fitted with automatic sensors to switch it on and off. Each apartment has its own mailbox.
Underground parking spaces
Cappuccino has two underground levels of parking spaces. They are accessed via a high-tech car lift with remote-controlled metal doors. The floors are made of polished concrete with horizontal marking.
The Cappuccino building has a green inner courtyard within the site, which includes a children’s playground with a swing and slide. We have used top-quality materials and the landscaping has been done by a professional.
Comfort, safety, privacy – the Cappuccino building has a high-tech 8-person lift with automatic inox doors. Boasting an exclusive interior, it is also quiet and complies with all European health and safety regulations. The brand is Kone.
Privacy, peace and quiet are especially important to town dwellers living in close proximity to one another. That is why, in the Cappuccino building, the toilets/bathrooms (fully fitted), the bedrooms, and the kitchens are separated from each other by double brick walls with a 5-centimetre stone lining in the middle, or alternatively, by a single brick wall covered with gypsum board and a stone lining.
Underneath the plaster, each apartment has a 2.8-milimetre layer of high-tech sound-proofing membrane (Fonas Tex). Thanks to this cutting-edge technology, the apartments are perfectly insulated both from the ones upstairs and the ones downstairs.
Armoured front doors
The security of your home is a top priority of yours, we are sure. That is why all front doors in the Cappuccino building have a metal case with a reinforced construction, as well as an additional interior case with rubber sealing. The metal door has a frame, reinforced hinges and a special filling.
The doors are covered with a coat of two-component lacquer or wood fladder. Each is fitted with a lock with three original keys, a deviator with three pins and a peephole.
Every door has an integrated security system featuring three main components: a patent construction, a secure locking mechanism, and an original design.
24/7 CCTV video surveillance of the outdoor areas and the common areas ensures the safety and comfort of all Cappuccino residents.
If you would like to have extra security for your home, you can sign up for the services of a SOT security company. With this purpose in mind, we have laid cables in the living-rooms, studies, bedrooms, and nurseries, making it possible to install sensors, transmitters, and keypads.
This is a monolithic concrete structure without beams made up only of plates and reinforced concrete discs and columns, which gives customers the opportunity to individually design the layout of their apartments.
The walls are made of high-quality ceramic Porotherm N + F blocks produced by the Austrian company Wienerberger.
The interior walls are 12 cm thick, and the exterior ones are 25 cm. The masonry is done with a Baumit solution. The walls and ceilings are finished with machine gypsum or lime plaster.
All outside edges of the wall masonry are reinforced with metal strips. The walls and ceilings of the bathrooms and toilets have a lime-and-cement plaster.
As part of the overall design, the roof is flat and sloped; it features steam- and thermo-insulation (XPS 15 cm), reinforced waterproof concrete putty, as well as a German or Italian two-layer hydro-insulation system covered with a protective layer of minerals.
Windows and Balcony Doors
In order to ensure good sound- and thermo-insulation, we have opted for high-quality German six-chamber PVC frames with three-glass units, a low-emission glass system, and a PVC spacer. All opening windows and window doors are with side and top opening, and with adjustable metal hardware.
The exterior window sills have a special design. The French windows – a distinctive feature of the building – let in more daylight, which makes for greater comfort and cosiness.
Facades and Thermo-Insulation
Parts of the building’s façade have been fitted with ‘an integrated thermo-insulation system’ produced by Baumit, Austria; the insulation consists of 15-centimetre thermo-insulating EPS panels, a glass-textile mesh, Klebespachtel rendering, a primer and a final coat of structural plaster.
There is also a protective profile over the façade door and window frames – 3 cm extruded XPS polystyrene. The blind walls have been fitted with 10-centimetre thermo-insulating EPS panels. All edges in the façade are additionally reinforced with metal strips; the protective profile over the façade doors, the window frames and the bay windows has the additional function of draining water.
Parts of the building have a suspended air-ventilation façade. The system also includes a stone layer of thermo-insulation for the suspended façade, as well as vapour-permeable foil.
The balcony surfaces are fitted with 5-cm XPS thermo-insulation, sloping reinforced-cement plaster, an Italian or German hydro-insulation layer with a filling, as well as a surface layer of granite tiles and Viega siphons; 
The bottom surfaces are fitted with an ‘integrated thermo-insulating system’ produced by Baumit.
Open balconies have a minimum of 10 cm of XPS thermo-insulation; the reinforced plaster is made of sloping water-proof concrete and a two-layer hydro-insulation system, and is protected by a mineral filling of the upper layer, a 4/5-centimetre mosaic layer, granite tiles and Viega siphons. 
In addition, a 10-centimetre sticky tape of bitumen is placed between the frames and the hydro-insulation.
The exterior parapets have a special design, with triplex glass and a minimum height of 105 cm.
The floor putty is fitted with low-voltage cables laid in protective corrugated pipes, as well as with pipes for heating appliances. The toilets and the bathrooms have a special design for the pipe and sewage system; the floors are made of concrete, with a pipe outlet.
Heating and ventilation
We offer optimum energy efficiency, comfort and a healthy microclimate. The heating system has five-layer polyethylene pipes with aluminium insert which are placed in corrugated pipes in the floor putty. The aluminium radiators operate in separate heating circuits connected to a collector box outside each apartment, so that the room temperature can be regulated for each individual room.
The dedicated boiler room, located on the underground floor, connects the building to the heating system of Sofia’s central heating plant Toplofikatsiya Sofia EAD.
Vertical heating pipes have also been installed. There are individual heating meters located in the shared corridors. The central heating can be turned on and off for each apartment by using separate valves.
All bathrooms and toilets have been fitted with suction ventilation shafts and outlets for individual ventilation appliances. Bathroom and toilet ventilation is achieved through metal pipes, and the ventilation of the rest of the apartments is achieved through chimney shafts. The underground car park is designed to have general ventilation, natural as well as automated.
Water Supply and Sewage System
The water supply system has vertical main pipes and horizontal flow branches which are made of polyethylene and are heat-insulated. The sewage system consists of heavy-duty PVC pipes and is connected to the main sewage system.
There is a high-voltage electricity system with a panel for each apartment, as well as fuses and power fault protection from Legrand and Schneider Electric. The lightning protection system is provided by the German company Pröpster.
Cable TV
The living-rooms, studies, bedrooms and nurseries have been fitted with cables and outlets; different cable TV providers are available.
Every apartment is fitted with an individual electricity meter installed outside the building, as well as individual meters for hot and cold water and heating meters in the common areas. 
Communications and Intercom
There are telephone and Internet outlets in each living-room and bedroom. Every apartment is also fitted with an intercom system produced by the Spanish company Golmar.