Contract City Ltd.


Dipl. eng. Sofia Neicheva


Contract City Ltd.


ISA Proekt EOOD, Arch. Sabina Ivanova


Sofia, Osogovo str.

The building is located on the small, quiet, paved “Osogovo” Street, only 100 meters far from the cosy park “St. Nicolas.” The place is communicative, in the central part of the city, next to one of the main thoroughfares of the capital - Todor Alexandrov Blvd., and close to public transport stops. The building is supplied with hot water from the district heating network of "Toplofikatsiya Sofia" EAD, where the district heating substation is designed, installed and equipped by the company “Brunata.”
The apartments are one-bedroom and two-bedroom, functional and designed with excellent interior layout and no waste of living area. For the more artistic natures, the architect has provided three maisonettes on the last two floors with a splendid panorama and spacious terraces. There are sunshades above the terraces, which ensure their comfortable indwelling in the sunny summer days. Each apartment has a storage area. In order to preserve the overall vision of the building, there are elegant boxes mounted on the façades, in which the homeowners can install the external units of the air conditioners.
The façade of the building is designed with the highest class of heat insulation system “BAUMIT STAR” of the leader in the production of Integrated Thermal Insulation Systems “BAUMIT”. The coloured plasters “Baumit nanopor top” above the ground floor are combined with composite materials-HPL FunderMAX (Austria) and System Bond as part of the suspended ventilated façade. There are sliding aluminium partitions for solar protection on the western façade of the building. To achieve sound insulation from impact noise, under the mortar is laid a membrane of the company ISOVER, and the surrounding brick walls between neighbouring apartments are designed and constructed on a "sandwich" type of soundproofing. The beautiful sloping roof of the “Osogovo” building is made of high-quality titanium-zinc sheets through the system "cipher", whereby of the sheet are cut out elements of regular geometric shape – rhombus. The entrance door of the building is aluminium with ETEM E75 system with access control. Each apartment has a video intercom system of the company Bitichino with a colour camera. The window frames are German profile model of natural “spruce” wood, with triple glazing and argon gas between them and two “K” glasses. An external waterproofing band is applied to the joint between the window frames and the wall, which seals the openings around the doors and windows against the penetration of moisture. The roof windows are designed and delivered by “VELUX” company, with built-in shades. The entrance doors are armoured, product of “SOLID 55” company, model "IPS Comfort series 50" with two independent systems with total of seven locking points and special protection of the mechanical locking against drilling. The unlocking is realised via non-contact card and “EasyGo” function for automatic locking of the electromechanical lock with back-up power supply. The garage doors are sectional, heat-insulated, made by “Hörman” with remote control.
The passenger lift is economical, with electrical gearless drive model "ECO Space" made by KONE with frequency control for smooth braking and starting up, with option to move the cabin to the stop when the main power supply is interrupted and a built-in GSM module for connection to the emergency service. The lift is designed without machine room and is equipped with luxury cab with automatic doors.
To ensure the greenery that is so desirable in the urban landscape, the courtyard of the building is richly planted with decorative trees and grasses in flower boxes/stands, and on the roofs of the garages there is a green grass carpet that is maintained by an automated irrigation system. The pavement covers and the flooring to the parking slots in the yard are made of “SEMMELROCK” pavers.