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Аrteks Engineering Jsc.


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The inspiration for the LETTERA building, located at 8 Latinka Street in Sofia City, is the belief in the exalting role of creation. Good architecture helps existence to become a meaningful and complete life, bringing dignity and beauty in everyday life and sending exciting messages. In the urban environment, flooded by the visual and sound flow of commercial ads, buildings can have the dignity and timeless beauty of monumental art, synthesizing spirit and matter. With LETTERA ARTEKS ENGINEERING addresses the word that comes from history with its wisdom and its authentic graphics to turn this building into a visible reminder of the need for faith, diligence and goodwill. With its engraved letters and symbols that are writing messages of the Good and True in our world, the stone façade becomes a space of word and memory. 
The aesthetics of LETTERA is spontaneously connected with the appearance of the other two buildings of ARTEKS ENGINEERING on the street – LATINKA SEVEN and SEKVOYA. The common is the noble radiation of the stone with its sophisticated shades, the clean lines of the silhouette and the green areas designed with the craftsmanship of a jeweller. Along with the ensemble effect, however, each of the three buildings shapes its unique, memorable vision. Surprisingly for the designers themselves, the neighbourhood of the LETTERA building with 119th school is even more stimulating. It suggests that the new building should be linked to the idea of word and wisdom through the combination of Cyrillic and Glagolitic letters (hence the very name LETTERA: ‘letter’). The building is one of the few places in Sofia and also in Bulgaria where the first Bulgarian alphabet can be seen: Cyrillo-Methodian Glagolitic alphabet. The Glagolitic letters, beautiful as an ornament and loaded with symbolism, bring poetic enigmatism in their environment. The hope of the designers is that both young and old will be urged to learn more of the holy alphabet of their first teachers, filling with respect for the past and pride of the national values. 
The responsible Bulgarian architecture of the 21st century has the vocation and the potential to create residential buildings that are a unity of pragmatism, aesthetics and spirituality. A specific example of such a synthesis is the grid façade wall formed by the interweaving of Glagolitic letters writing psalm 91 along with the climbing greenery, as well as the message ‘God is Love’ on the cornice of the building. The solution also has a functional aspect: the place behind the decorative grid is the place for installing the external bodies of the air-conditioning system. This special panel organically fits into the geometric clarity of the unique suspended façade with its characteristic straight angles and the fine combination of limestone and travertine slabs. An area of particular interest is the layout of landscaped terraces under the roof. Once again, ARTEKS urges Sofia residents to look up and admire a building in its full height, offering an intriguing high view.
The soft shades of stone, combined with many glass, including in the layout of terraces, create the warm and welcoming radiance of the building. The design illumination contributes to this effect in the dark, while emphasizing the emblematic in the LETTERA building. The landscaping, which takes advantage of every square centimetre to offer colourful spaces with specially selected plant species, brings freshness and energy.
Nature crosses the threshold of the building: the entrance lobby is with vertical natural landscaping with the necessary automated irrigation and lighting. Actually, all the materials in it are natural: stone, wood, glass. LETTERA’s lobbies and staircases once again demonstrate the commitment of ARTEKS ENGINEERING to shared spaces as carriers of the aesthetics of the whole and the specific spirit that each of them must have. A unifying element here are the Glagolitic writings, reminiscent of the name and emblem of the building. They fit unobtrusively, but powerfully into the panels, floor, doors, friezes, following the principle that the individuality of a building should not rely solely on the facade. 
LETTERA expresses the belief of ARTEKS that the residential building is not a container of apartments, but a well-thought overall environment that is functional in every part of it. When shared areas are ambitiously designed and perfectly executed, they create a climate of good neighbourliness, friendliness and responsibility towards shared ownership. 
The occupants of the ten apartments in the six-floor building (and eight garages to it) have a spacious and excellent sunny residence. The façade solutions themselves are tailored to the maximum accessibility of natural light in the building. The functional schemes of the residences, which are precisely thought out in view of the flexible adaptation of the premises to the actual needs of the residents, are also subjected to this. The apartments are implemented with the idea of maximum energy efficiency and optimal parameters of sun protection, heat and sound insulation. In this way and with the optimized infrastructure and landscape design, the LETTERA building becomes ‘the green neighbour’ of the other buildings. 
In close proximity to the park Borisova Gradina, among preserved sequoias and Canadian pines on Latinka Street, the new building of ARTEKS is a space of healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle, in which the home creates a sense of well-being. And anyone who passes by LETTERA can sense the spirit of eternal wisdom that is transmitted through the word from history to our time and the future. That is why LETTERA was borne with the motto ‘Created to Exalt’.
Additional information of the materials and technologies used
A thermal insulation system of 20 cm mineral wool has been used, as the finishing coat is copper sheet with elements specifically designed for the building.
Roof terraces:
Thermal insulation of 20 cm XPS; the finishing floor is a feet-raised horizontal floor of 2 cm slabs with drainage joints. Under all the windows of the terraces, there is also provided snow-melting equally with the outer pavement.
12 cm clad mineral wool, protected by a stone suspended façade; façade slabs of limestone and travertine, 3 cm thick, hung on a metal structure. 
Façade lining with Etalbond, color 431 Desert Sand, main carrying T-profile, mounting plate (fixed support) and fasteners.
Entrance lobby:
Underfloor heating with automated control. 
СS77 Series joinery is a high-insulation system for doors and windows with interrupted thermal bridge that meets the highest requirements for thermal insulation, reliability and security, in color ‘wood imitation’. System casing of Sobinco Chrono, colour RAL. Glazing package with thickness 46 mm, consisting of 6 mm Energy + 16 mm spacer + 4 mm Planibel Clear + 16 mm spacer + 4 mm Planibel TopN.
Plumbing made of copper pipes and press fittings, made by Viega - Germany, that resist the effects of chlorinated water. The bactericidal properties of copper prevent the growth of bacteria on the inside of the pipes.