BSR Sofia Ltd.


Prof. PhD. Eng. Kostadin Topurov


Cordeel Bulgaria JSC


Planning Ltd., arch. Ilian Iliev



The buildings are located in plot XIV, block 95v, area "Hristo Smirnenski - Slatina", "Slatina", Sofia according approved master plan for the block. The location is beside commercial center SKY CITY near district "Slatina" and district "Geo Milev". The area is undergoing rapid development and is intended as multifunctional development area. This present project for building 2 is reconstruction from concept project for office complex with five buildings, which realization has started in 2008. From the idea for the complex, one building has been built – Building 1, which has given us the opportunity years later to develop a better “product” – creating a more modern building with relevant design standards and functional requirements, applied to it.

The reconstruction of the project took place in the frames of the urbanistic requirements. According to this requirements for the other three buildings from the Concept project our idea has changed, so we designed the new building in way that there will be more green areas, recreation places and parking lots. This becomes possible as we decided to increase the Hight and respectively the number of the floors of Building 2. This resolution gives better quality to the environment – more green areas, space, better position in the plot. There is an opportunity for higher greenery and places for relaxation on ground level. We have managed through the challenge for the construction solution – there was already built foundations and at zero cycle we attached the higher volume of the new building.

As we created the second building, we wanted to improve the vision of the complex which has already been build but not to repeat particular vision. One of the most pleasurable challenges for every architect is to improve him self and his projects as developing new ideas. We were looking for modern vision and at the same time we wanted to avoid esthetic dissonance with the existing building. The bigger Hight of the new building suits for taller volume and fractures the vertical silhouette. The materials used for the façade are quite close to the previous – aluminum façade, double glazing and composite panels. In this case we decreased the used materials compared the previous building, we made simple details and gave faster way for execution of the façade. Various materials have been used for the composite panels – metal sheets, colored laminated glass and transparent glass, which we applied to different combinations and sizes in raster pliable with the best proportions for forming interior spaces. We were searching for bigger percent of glass parts to provide light and comfortable working spaces. There are openable parts in the façade to improve the inner comfort of indwelling.

The new building is with 11 office floors above ground level. The build area above ground is approximately 17 300 sq.m., which makes 1 450 sq.m. on average for the typical floors – we increased the office floor with 250 sq.m. compared to the existing Building 1. In that way we covered the newest tendencies on the market for office areas. The building provides one of the widest floor areas in Sofia. The rectangular form and open spaces without columns make easier the designing of the offices. Thanks to the 2.8 m. clear Hight in the rooms and the “open space” every place has natural light.

For providing maximum flexibility in creating the offices there have been chosen six separate vertical drain pipes, which gives the opportunity for building toilets in different places in the office. We had to integrate the installations in the building core very well so we can keep the base concept for vertical communications. The office areas are designed as open spaces and the defined distribution will be decided by the future tenants. As well we have designed a various office distributions on the floors so we can be sure that the building is ready to cover all requirements. The floors can be separated in two, three or four independent offices. Present companies look for flexible spaces with maximum lightning, more recreation places for the employees and good services. We have designed two terraces on each floor which provides opportunity for the tenants to rest without losing valuable time.

At the ground level is designed a luxurious lobby with reception to welcome the large number of people. There we found place for café and restaurant. We decided to make more parking lots, because we have predicted the bigger number of employees and visitors, who are going to use cars.

As we took in mind the increased number of floors and built area, we made a traffic analysis for the elevators and we had increase their number and speed. The basic elevators take place in the core of the building and we separated a group of elevators which will take the people from the underground floors to the ground floor. This helps not only for faster transportation but also improves the access control. The elevators have a destination control, which optimizes their efficiency. The employees will meet with an innovative access control system which is going to communicate with the elevators’ control system. The complex is supported by electricity, lightning, audio systems, heating and ventilation, video control and sprinklers at the highest quality level.

BSR Building 2 combines the modern tendencies in architecture, construction and design of the working place. The result is business environment where the tenants can develop their full potential. Harmony between work space and environment inspire and create a completely different experience. Every aspect of the architectural vision – from the glass façade to the open space – is designed to bring sustainability and optimization. Building 2 provides to the tenants effective working area with natural light in every place, comfort and free space.

We were following the idea to create a more flexible and innovative design, as function and installation we managed to apply all new standards for effective design of work place and we answered to the requirements for exploitation in a long terms.