Iztok Plaza AD


eng. D. Dimitrov


Zavodski Stroeji-PS- Pazardjik EAD


architect Veselin Otonov, company Top Arch LTD.



The new medical facility of University Hospital SOFIAMED – block G was officially opened on 9 May 2017 on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of the opening of the medical complex. It is comprised of 6 floors and connected to the medical block on 16 G. M. Dimitrov Blvd. by a walkway on all levels. The building is constructed in conformity to all established engineering and architectural standards and combines state-of-the-art energy efficient solutions and modern interior and comfort complied with all medical requirements. The energy efficiency of the building has been achieved by a high-tech solution for a suspended façade and multiple glass panes producing excellent heat engineering characteristics.

The new block G, alike the remainder of SOFIAMED medical complex until present, is a place for development of highest level medicine meeting the established global medical standards.


The new sector provides patients with the opportunity to receive treatment in the most luxurious conditions. This will take place in the apartments forming a part of the newly built VIP sector in the new building located on floor 4. The apartments are equipped with designer furniture, Samsung LED TV sets, air-conditioning and luxurious bathrooms.


Block G of SOFIAMED has a brand new surgery complex comprised of 6 operating theatres connected via walkway to the surgical block in sector B. It is provided with top level equipment.

The newly built sector has a total of 140 hospital beds divided into 5 hospital wards for paediatric diseases, a new neonatology sector, ENT (ear, nose and throat) diseases clinic, gastroenterology, arm surgery and reconstructive surgery, vascular surgery. There are doctors’ offices in the new sector, a part of SOFIAMED Diagnostic and Consultative Centre, as well as modern and interactive training rooms for students.


Block G is located in immediate proximity to Block B of UMBAL SOFIAMED and on the ground floor level there is a passageway for ambulances and vehicles towards the emergency ward of the hospital.


basement, floor 0

The sterilization and laundry rooms of the hospital are located in the basement. The sterilization area accommodates a room for admission and storage of non-sterile materials, contaminated area for rough cleansing and washing of instruments and materials, a decontaminated area, a packaging and labelling area, a decontaminated non-sterile and sterile area, as well as shipment and sterilized materials warehouses, an equipment area, additional warehouses and service rooms. A laundry room, a warehouses for detergents, a warehouse for dirty laundry, a warehouse for clean laundry, and a room for ironing and folding are designed in the area designated for laundry room. Admission of the dirty laundry takes place using a shaft serviced from outside the building. The so designed admission facility which is a part of the laundry allows for an easy access from the yard and a possibility for servicing all hospital blocks of SOFIAMED. The clean laundry and the sterilized materials are transported using the internal staircase of block G.



1 floor.

There are 6 doctors’ offices which are part of DCC SOFIAMED, 3 training halls, an administrative office, sanitary premises for the staff and sanitary premises for visitors, a server room. The reception is opposite to the main entrance of the building. The building is serviced by two elevators and two staircases.


2 floor

There is a gastroenterology ward with 27 hospital beds divided in 9 rooms. 4 doctors’ offices, 2 manipulation rooms, a nurse room and nursing station, a sanitary premise for the staff, general purpose wash facility, sanitary-purpose kitchen office. There are also upper and lower endoscopy rooms situated on that floor, including a room for diagnostics and treatment for Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP)


Floor 3

This floor is comprised of a paediatric ward and a pertinent neonatology sector which is a part of the obstetrics and gynaecology ward. There a doctors’ offices, manipulation rooms – septic and aseptic, nurse rooms and nursing station, 13 hospital rooms with 3 hospital beds each, a sanitary unit for the staff, a general purpose wash facility, sanitary-purpose kitchen office, a room for hospital attendants, a dressing station and a room for medical secretary.


Floor 4

That floor accommodates ear, nose and throat diseases ward, 2 doctors’ offices, 2 manipulation rooms – septic and aseptic, a nurse room and nursing station, 11 hospital rooms with 3 beds each, one intensive care room with 4 beds for post-operative monitoring, a sanitary unit for the staff, a general purpose wash facility, sanitary-purpose kitchen office, a room for hospital attendants, a dressing station and a room for medical secretary.

There is also a VIP wing on that floor with luxurious apartments and pertaining manipulation rooms, nurse rooms and other service rooms.


Floor 5

There is a vascular surgery ward with two doctors’ offices, a medical test room, a manipulation room, a nurse room and a nursing station, 7 hospital rooms with 3 hospital beds each, a sanitary unit for the staff, a general purpose wash facility, sanitary-purpose kitchen office, and a room for hospital attendants.


Floor 6 There is a separate surgery complex on that floor with six operating theatres, sanitary access control point with dressing stations, a sanitary unit, and a rest room. It has shared facilities for preparation of the team between two separate operating theatres. The sterile materials warehouse is also shared by the operating theatres. There is a “waste” passageway provided for the waste and a place for storage before their disposal. Rooms for writing of protocols, a room for waking up (after surgery) with 3 beds, a room for pre-anaesthesia preparation of patients, express sterilization, warehouses and auxiliary premises are designed too.


Block G of UMBAL SOFIAMED is fully air-conditioned, heating of the premises is provided for the winter period with average temperature of 22⁰С, and cooling during the summer period with average temperature of 26⁰С, 22⁰С for operating theatres. The heat-transfer medium is hot 45-40⁰С/cold 7-12⁰С water from the central air-conditioning system of the hospital based on culvert, water-cooled thermal pump units using environmental-friendly Freon and drill water from deep-water drills. Due to the large distance between the water-cooling unit room and the collector distribution unit groups of block G, the connection is made by an underground polybutene heat-insulated double pipe with negligible thermal losses.

The main air-conditioning units for air-conditioning of the hospital beds are ceiling-mounted convectors with and without casing, mounted on the ceiling in front of entrance doors, where the piping and condensation lines are laid along corridors.

The corridors are air-conditioned by hot-air method using air-conditioning units on every floor with highly effective recuperation with 100% fresh air feed. This enables permanent airing of the corridors with partial airing of hospital rooms through the suction fans of the service rooms. The service rooms, such as sterilization, laundry and ironing rooms are air-conditioned in the same manner.

Operating theatres have autonomous hot-air air-conditioning. Every operating theatre is equipped with air-conditioning system based on 100% fresh air, highly effective 84% air-to-air recuperation, channel-type air-conditioning invertor thermal pump units of the brand Daikin. The air-conditioning systems of the operating theatres are with a three-stepped air filtration, of G4, F7, HEPA 14 type. The air-conditioning of the corridors is based on VRV air-conditioning system.

So organized, air-conditioning is with low energy consumption, it is highly efficient because of the recovery of over 82% of the energy of extracted air, 100% fresh air, this ensuring all-year-round comfortable conditions for patients and hospital staff.


A household waste storage site and a site for hazardous waste are built within the landed estate of UMBAL SOFIAMED. The disposal of both types of waste is arranged on an hourly schedule by all hospital wards.


The new building has a total of 140 hospital beds for which the necessary parking space have been provided.


Building: UMBAL SOFIAMED, block G is situated on 16 G.M. Dimitrov Blvd, in a perfectly communicative and easily accessible location, and acting entirely in favour of the health of patients and citizens of Sofia and the country.


Total built-up area with basement     5683m2