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Pomorie, Kosharite area

1. Concept
Victoria Lakes is a luxury gated community consisting of 33 individually designed houses, each of which has its own yard and parking space, located less than 1 km from the beaches of the Black Sea, only 5 km from Pomorie and 10 km from the center of Bourgas. The complex is designed in a typical Mediterranean style and is situated among the beautiful vineyards - typical of the Pomorie region.
Victoria Lakes is the latest addition to the Victoria Residences complexes, combining several superb gated communities on more than 50,000 square meters of territory, which perfectly combine the beautifully landscaped, well - developed infrastructure and services with the tranquility and coziness of the home.
The concept that we follow when creating family-type complexes is based on the idea of comfort, functionality, style harmony, tranquility and opportunity for individual interior and exterior solutions by the client, in line with the overall architectural vision.
Our main goal is to provide a wonderful individual living space with a magnificent environment, a peaceful lifestyle, good infrastructure located in an ecologically clean area, just 10 minutes from all the amenities of the big city.
2. Architecture
Victoria Lakes is created with special care and a look at every detail. The demand for aesthetics, realized with the highest quality materials and the most precise technologies, is respected for both the residential and all common parts of the complex.
A uniform and clean palette of facades is used to suit the surrounding greenery and blue.
Here the name "gated" complex does not have its literal meaning. On the contrary, it opens the view of the infinite sea of the sea and takes the spirit and the body to peace and enjoyment of life.
Well maintained landscaping - the roses along the alleys and courtyards, the twigs on the sidewalks and the other plant species are carefully selected and shaped to give the impression of cleanliness and order.
With the construction of the complex are built the whole infrastructure around it - brand new streets, street water supply, canal and external power supply (a power station providing enough power, guaranteeing the continuous supply of electricity). The area is easily accessible via the main road Burgas - Pomorie.
We offer a variety of house plans with 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms.
The smallest is 108 sq.m. with 2 bedrooms, and the biggest luxury villa is 284 sq.m. with 4 bedrooms.
All units are sold fully finished with high quality materials, floors and tiles. Some of the villas will have private swimming pools and water mirrors on the second floor balcony.
3. Materials and systems
When building our buildings, we use the latest technology, high-quality structures and the best certified materials. The building process is controlled by a team of specialists with many years of experience in the field of construction and architecture.
Construction - made of reinforced concrete monolith
Walls - outside walls: 25cm - Winerberger - Phorotherm (Austria)
internal walls: 12 cm - Winerberger (Austria), FORATI
The facades of all houses are made by the WEBER system, with thermal insulation EPS - 8-10 cm. A two-color silicone - acrylic plaster, providing excellent vapor permeability, the color combinations are chosen so as to achieve maximum variation effect.
Windows - PVC - double, or triple glazing with 6 chamber profile, with the highest class ENERGY finish.
Roofs - heat and waterproofing, BRAMAC natural ceramic tiles
The balconies are wrought iron, as well as the beautiful gates at the entrance and exit of the complex.
Swimming pool and lake
The residents of Victoria Lakes can enjoy a spacious swimming pool with a special section for children as well as the unique lake complex. A water purification system is installed for higher water quality.
Landscaping and irrigation system
Computer controlled automatic irrigation system. Watering is done through the setting by a specialist who pre-sets an exact amount of water and time.
Management, maintenance and professional rental
For our residents we provide year-round maintenance of the infrastructure and the green areas through our own team of managers and all necessary specialists for the proper functioning of the territory and the complex.
Our company also offers professional leasing of the owners' properties for the active summer season as well as year-round.
The experience and knowledge gained in the finishing and interior solutions give us the confidence to be of benefit to our clients with recommendations and advice in the implementation of each project.
Our mission is to provide you with the best home, and along with your love it will become a wonderful home. We have created a small world of tranquility, comfort and comfort where you and your children feel protected and happy!