Messembria Resort Ltd.


eng. Petar Liuboslavov Ivanov




studio GENIG Ltd., arch. Pavlina Likomanova - Angelova


Sunny Beach Resort

«MESSEMBRIA RESORT»  complex is a magnificent newly built closed type apartment-hotel, a continuation of complex «Messembria Palace», containing six story building with and open area of 7825.47 square meters, divided into three housings A-B-C,  each of which distinquish itself with its mediterranean style architecture combined with designer landscape solutions.

«Messembria Resort» is located in the southernmost side of the tourist resort Sunny Beach in close proximity to the ancient Nessebar,( which ancient name is «Messembria»), also called a cultural treasure, where the guests have the chance to immerse in the atmosphere of historical landmarks, centuries-old churches and authentic romantic streets. The choice of the location was carefully thought and the result is a guarantee of peace and coziness, in proximity to the shore and the protected sand dunes. The complex is a preferred destination, not only because of its grace, but also because of its close location to the international airport in Bourgas (35 km), which makes it visited by many international guests, who want to enjoy the Bulgarian culture and traditions.

The combined work between the investor and the architect produces various, available for a wide social circle architectural plans such as: studios (28/32 square meters), one bedroom apartments (40/52 square meters), two bedroom apartments (52/72 square meters), penthouse (330 square meters), all of each have balconies and terraces, offering scenic views of Stara Planina, park areas with magnificent palm trees, forming zones for relaxation around the impressive olympic style pool. The luxurious setting of the mediterranean interior design of the apartments, individually chosen and amazingly comfortable furniture, the maximum spatial planning in accordance with the daylight, a variety of all necessary accessories, a lovely combination of the warm colorful gamma, provide guests with a relaxing holiday. The gorgeous spatious lobby, served by a polite staff, is a definition for a luxury and class, cozy environment and hospiality.

During the day our guests can relax and enjoy our beautiful, oasis style garden in a composition of exotic palm trees, green areas, carefully chosen colorful vegetation, an impressive oplympic style pool, outside bar with separate booths for leisure and relaxation. For the sport lovers we offer open fitness and water attractions. A ride from the airport to the hotel, parking, 24 hours security, 24 hours reception, cartoons for children, Wi-Fi are some of the many services that make our guests'  stay comfortable. Even though «Messembria Resort» has been recently opened, it already made a name for itself by reaching 93% (ninety three percent) busyness during the peak summer season, which is an extremely high target of visitors, proving the properly selected working system with an ambition for a continuous development.

Making the complex popular as a tourist destination has been succeeded due to the numerous intestments focused on unsual marketing ideas, new and modern technologies reaching wide audience. The high-tech process, managed by installing an innovative specialized hotel software – Cloudbeds in a combination with the renowned «Booking.com-Extranet», decreses the time needed for reservation processing and update the work field.

The extraordinary attention to detail, the stylish design and elegant coziness of the complex overwhelm the senses and create an unique atmosphere. «Messebria Resort» is the place where not only the guests, but also the apartments’ owners experience unforgetable moments.