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Blu Bay in Sozopol - design inspired by nature


The newest luxury sea hotel opened in June in Sozopol. Blu Bay is a five star boutique hotel built on the marina in Provlaka area which connects the ancient and the new city. The area is emblematic for the city, as it is a gateway to the ancient Apollonia.

Blu Bay is located on a plot of 1427 sq. meters and has a built-up area of 3829 sq. meters. Many cultural sites are situated nearby – the Archaeological Museum, the fortress wall with the "Gate" and the important square where the Apollonia Festival of Arts is held.

The design of the hotel is inspired by nature, even the smallest details are taken care of, and natural materials have been used for its construction. The facade is made of hand-cut stones and wood that correspond to the architecture of the Ancient city. The stylish and elegant architectural image of the building corresponds to the attractive designer interior. Despite its modern vision, in Blu Bay have been used materials and elements that remind us of the ancient architecture of Sozopol. The hotel fits perfectly into the rich cultural and historical environment that is characteristic of this area.

Blu Bay features designer rooms, apartments and studios furnished with high-class furniture and state-of-the-art equipment. From them there is a panoramic view of the sea and of Sts. Quiricus and Julietta Island.

The hotel has the following amenities: Azahar Spanish restaurant, Blu Bar & dinner and Shisha Bar, a fitness center with Technogym equipment, an Infinity pool and a modern conference room furnished with state-of-the-art equipment.

Blu Bay is built on a beautiful, strategic location and meets the newest artistic, aesthetic and functional requirements. The synthesis between the past and the present is woven into the image of the new hotel. Its architecture is influenced by the typical style of the surrounding buildings, the spirit of the ancient traditions in Provlaka area and the specific rules determining the construction regime in this territory.

The architectural style of Blu Bay is eclectic, combining the different facade sectors in a balanced way. The hotel's unconventional silhouette is entirely in keeping with the character of the buildings in Sozopol. The plastic impact of the seaside stone architecture on the ground floor is in harmony with the local traditional architecture.

The unfolding facade of the building allows for a view of and from the sea, as well as of Sts. Quiricus and Julietta Island – a key component of the historical landscape. Blu Bay is a building of complex shapes and designs, a building that is completely in line with the terrain and fits well into the surrounding area.

Blu Bay is a hotel for connoisseurs, created by human hands but entirely inspired by the beauty of nature, sea and ancient history.


The hotel is located in Provlaka area - one of the most picturesque places in Sozopol, near the port and the sea. The construction here is carried out according to the "Specific rules and norms for the implementation of the Detailed plan for regulation and construction in Provlaka area between the ancient and the new city of Sozopol." They determine the type and manner of construction, as well as the individual elements and materials for the artistic design of the facades.

The architectural appearance of Blu Bay Hotel is in keeping with the specific construction regulations for the area. Construction materials and details characteristic for the architecture of the ancient Sozopol have been used. In this way, the building fits harmoniously into the surrounding architectural environment.

The location of Blu Bay is strategic, as it is seen as an approach to the fortress wall and the city gate of ancient Apollonia. Within walking distance of the hotel are located numerous buildings and cultural sites.

Architectural vision

The facades of the hotel are covered with limestone tiles and three rows of bricks - Roman masonry in the spirit of the ancient way of construction.

In the northwestern part of Blu Bay, a tower with a height of 18.00 meters is built and it is covered with a wooden lining - a characteristic element of the architecture of the ancient city of Sozopol. In order to preserve the spirit of the ancient traditions, wooden lining is used in other parts of the facade, the top boards of the roof and the pergola above the entrance are made of wooden elements.

The green roof and the flower-stands on the terraces are among the hotel's attractive features. The railings of the building are made of wrought iron.

The hotel's unconventional silhouette is a complex composition of elements and shapes. The play with the shapes is in line with the spirit and scale of the traditional way of construction in the ancient city. The unfolding facade allows for fragmented and various views of the hotel building and its surrounding space.

Functional distribution

Blu Bay consists of two hotel floors and one partial floor in the northeastern part of the building. There are 9 single rooms, 36 double rooms, 6 studios and 2 apartments with a total of 107 beds.

The rooms feature a luxurious and stylish design, modern technical equipment and impressive sea views. The high quality triple glazing reduces the unwanted noise in the premises with a maximum effect.

A restaurant, a lobby bar to the foyer with the reception area and four shops are located on the ground floor.

The flat roof features an outdoor pool with a water bar. This area has a lot of green spaces, sun loungers, tables for relaxation and rest.

The underground floor features a spa-center with a fitness and an indoor pool, a multifunctional hall for 96 people, a room for exhibitions and meetings, a small children's center and a parking lot.