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City General 1 Ltd


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Bania Village, Razlog Municipality

The New Bulgarian Medical & Spa Destination

Hot Springs Medical & Spa Hotel is situated in the village of Banya, the oldest populated area in the region of Razlog valley, surrounded by three beautiful mountains – Pirin, Rila and Rhodope Mountains. From ancient times this region has been known for its hot healing mineral springs.

Тhe village of Banya is located at a crossroad where several main roads meet - such as Plovdiv  -Bansko -Drama/Greece and Plovdiv – Razlog – Simitli - Petrich. It has a good transport connection with the main artery of the Southwest Bulgaria - highway “Struma” from Sofia to Thessaloniki.  It is 5km away from the biggest ski resort on the Balkans – Bansko.  The location of the village of Banya, and the existing transport connections attract tourists both from Bulgaria and the neighboring countries – Greece, Macedonia and Turkey.

In the area of the village there are over 75 hot mineral springs, with average temperature of the waters up to 70° which provides good conditions for SPA and Balneology. The mineral waters in the village of Banya can be used for healing and prophylaxis of chronic inflammatory diseases of the locomotor system, it is also beneficial for post-operative prophylaxis of old traumas, discopathy, spinal inflammation, inflammatory diseases of the nervous system, respiratory tract inflammation.

Hot Springs Medical & Spa Hotel is situated at the foot of a beautiful pine forest, close to the main road between Bansko and Banya. The spot provides wonderful panoramic views to the whole Razlog Valley and the picturesque hill slopes of Pirin and Rila mountains.

At the basis of the concept of Hot Springs Medical & Spa Hotel is the hot mineral water with temperatures of 58°. Its presence makes for a unique zone for SPA procedures and Balneology, where the healing and restorative properties of the water is used to a full extent.

The newly created Spa Center and Medical Center as well as the zones for entertainment and recreation allow for a complete and full service cycle – from medical and rehabilitation procedures to a relaxed family holiday.

The SPA area is built according to the latest tendencies in the industry to achieve the maximum rehabilitation effect for the body. There are various water and heat therapies, body and facial treatments, relax zones.

The Spa restaurant is situated near the spa area, allowing for the comfort of the Spa and Wellness visitors.

There are indoor and outdoor mineral water swimming pools each 25m in length, with a connection between them, contrasting temperature pools, children’s pools, organically inscribed in the picturesque and naturally green environment.

The Medical center offers rehabilitation and healing procedures of the skeletal - muscular and peripheral nervous system, programs for postoperative and post-traumatic recovery, rehabilitation through climatic treatment, hydrotherapy, mud treatment, photo / laser therapy, magneto therapy, physiotherapy, kinesiotherapy, ultrasound and physical training. The treatment and rehabilitation area is precisely designed and provides both comfort and functionality.

There is a well-equipped fitness center and an outdoor sport area with two tennis courts which are covered and heated during the winter months.

The main reception and the lobby bar are situated in a beautiful open area with panoramic windows integrating the evergreen forest into the interior design.

The main restaurant „Kameno“ has a spacious professional kitchen, a pastry workshop and show cooking zone. Designed in a typical alpine style, it combines classic mountain architecture with a home-like feel. Near the restaurant is the kids’ area which is cleverly designed so that parents can easily see their children.

Hot Springs Medical & Spa Hotel has a fully equipped and comfortable conference hall for up to 150 people, suitable for seminars, corporate presentations and teambuilding events.

The hotel part of the complex is divided in two main bodies, connected on the second level by emporium with a soft seating area where guests enjoy a wonderful panoramic view to the picturesque skyline of Pirin and Rila mountains. On all levels throughout the hotel there are wide foyers with comfortable soft seating. The hotel offers rooms, studios and apartments of various sizes. Every room is centrally air-conditioned and most have a walk in closet and a large bathroom equipped with high class sanitary.  On the top floor are situated spacious apartments with panoramic windows showing the unique views of the Razlog valley. 

The hotel complex has a convenient outdoor parking and a garage which can accommodate all guests and staff.

The architectural appearance of the hotel is in a traditional alpine style with sharp roof lines which give it its distinct and unmistakable silhouette well incorporated into the surrounding environment. Mainly natural materials are used for the interior and exterior of the building – special thermal wood, natural stone, titan-zinc roof. The facade is decorated with colorful drawings, which give a fairytale style and atmosphere of the hotel. It feels as if the building belongs to the surrounding nature and has always been there.

To increase the energy efficiency of the building and the comfort of the guests there is an insulating layer of 20 cm on the external walls. A 7-chamber high-quality joinery with three-layer glazing by "Schuco" system and facade mineral coating with breathable finish layer ensure the perfect isolation.

Besides for water treatment, healing and relaxation procedures the hot mineral water is also used as a renewable energy source.  The main energy source for the hotel complex is the thermal water with temperature of 58°. The mineral water is distributed for heating and household purposes (room showers, SPA and spa treatments, indoor and outdoor pools with mineral water). This creates a sustainable, "green" architecture, allowing for the preservation of the environment and pioneers a new type of ecological culture according to the current trends in this area.

The innovative heating, ventilation and air conditioning system allows the full potential of mineral water to be used.  Its thermal energy, through several "cascades" and complex heat exchange, is used for the heating of the common areas, rooms, warm swimming pools, underfloor heating for the SPA center and the ventilation installation of the indoor swimming pool. At the end of the cycle the cooled to about 10-12°water goes into a container from which it is drawn for other needs.

In the summer months the cooling is done by the water-water heat pumps, where the heat derived from the rooms and the common parts is used for heating of the outdoor swimming pool.

Within a few cycles, the entire capacity and resource of mineral water is used which significantly reduces energy costs.

There is an intelligent management system based on the latest world trends is created throughout the hotel. All lighting is done with LED lighting sources to reduce power consumption. There is a complete range of installations necessary for improving the safety and the comfort of hotel guests - fire and alert alarms, sound systems, high speed wireless internet, etc.