South park building OOD


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Art E Stroy EOOD


arch. Hristo Minkovski



Art E Stroy has broad experience in the construction- investment process. Run by its manager, eng. Emil Terziev, the company has completed over 40 residential and administrative buildings in the most prestigious areas of the capital. In 2018, one of their major projects was successfully completed - "South Park Building".

 "South Park Building" is a modern and functional office building, located in Lozenets, opposite   “Paradise Center”. It has good infrastructure and excellent location in terms of communications and accessibility in Sofia. The building is a few meters away from public transport stops as well as the entrance to ‘Vitosha’ metro station.

The building is attractive, in a modern style that complements the architectural spirit of the neighboring office buildings of Art E Stroy, and at the same time is different from the standards imposed on office buildings. A more artistic accent is added by the rich landscaping of the large terraces, which reveal an incredible view of Vitosha Mountain.

The facade of the building is a combination of stone, glass hanging façade and anodized aluminum. Reynars Aluminum Profiles are thermally insulated for maximum heat and sound insulation, with triple glazing with triplex inside with special high UV transmittance coefficients. The windows are with Stop ray vision glasses and can be opened in all office spaces. An additional highlighting element is the façade LED lighting, which complements the architecture of South Park building. The VRF "LG" system for heating, cooling and ventilation of the building is a three-pipe system, which allows the operation of the body in different modes in each of the rooms. Besides its main function (heating and cooling), it extracts the exhaust air from the office areas and replaces it with fresh air. If a power problem occurs, the building has a powerful diesel generator for emergency power supply.

The building has a total built-up area of ​​13 000 sq.m. distributed among nine above-ground levels - offices and shops, and two underground levels with 110 parking lots and warehouses, as well as 20 outdoor parking lots.


The common areas of the building are covered with granite and marble flooring. The plaster and thermal insulation are made of Baumit materials of the highest class. The foyer is designed and filled with marble flooring. The designer's solution contributes to the luxurious look of the ground floor by its unusual and vibrant vision of the reception, combined with a water curtain and a wall with rich greenery.


The constructive office space height is 3.40 m. The open space office area enables our clients to determine their own allocation according to their individual needs and the specifics of their activities as well as mobility in the distribution of workplaces, with maximum functionality. All offices have a double floor, which allows greater flexibility with regard to the installations and access points. The cabling in the offices is category 6 - located in floor boxes. Carpet tiles are the best choice for use in public buildings with the highest class of application, durability and fire resistance. They are resistant to castors and antistatic treatment. The high class insulation combined with the window profiles reduces the temperature loss in the offices to a minimum.

Our access control system with personal ID cards, together with turnstiles in the lobby and on the floors contribute to the convenience and security of our customers. For people safety, there are addressable fire alarm systems and emergency alarming systems provided. Both safety systems are certified according to standard EN54. Every day at our clients' disposal, there is a manager and a receptionist for assistance in case of any concerns during the work process. The 24 - hour security takes charge of the peace and functioning on all the functional levels, as well as the cameras on each floor and in the common areas. The building has 3 luxury high-speed lifts Kone with a capacity of 13 people each and a staircase with access to the underground parking. The materials used in the building are the highest class, accompanied by the necessary certificates and documents.