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“FairPlay Business Hub” is located in Sofia’s south “Lozenetz” district, “Pogrebite” area, facing the
newly built “Lyuba Velichkova” Street. The location is near to the Central Park “Borisova Gradina” and
one of the city’s main traffic roads – the “Cherni Vrah” Boulevard.
This is an area with huge prospects, because of its geographical location and the trends in the modern
metropolitan infrastructure of Sofia. The building is close to a public transportation hub (including
Sofia’s metro system), institutions, parks and gardens, retailers, entertainment and sport centers.
Apart from being next to a metro station (450 m) and a bus stop, the building is also located within a
walking distance to a major hospital (Acibadem Cityclinic - Tokuda Hospital), Sofia’s biggest shopping
mall (Paradise center), a supermarket, private schools, hotel, gyms, other office and administrative
buildings, etc.
The major objective of “FairPlay Business Hub” is to offer a better place for doing business. The design
philosophy of the building is to use all the advantages of its prime location and to reduce the negative
impact of Sofia’s everyday busy life.
The front of the building is situated facing the South-East (SE), which is the best geographical direction
for a building’s façade in Sofia. This position results in creating the optimal internal working conditions,
while significantly reducing energy usage by providing warmth in winter and coolness in summer. In
this way, the building also becomes environmentally friendly.
The specific design of the façade’s windows brings the positive impact of the sunlight’s penetration.
The specific window design also reduces street noise with about 17 DB which brings extra comfort to
FairPlay Business Hub is a Class A administrative building on six floors and two underground levels. Its
total built-up area is 12,560 m², including 105 underground parking lots, a restaurant, a foyer and
conference rooms.
ФЕЪРПЛЕЙ БИЗНЕС ХЪБ| Национален Конкурс „Сграда на Годината“ 2018
Plot size 2,600 m2 Underground level -2 TBA 2,380 м²
Build-up area 1,161 m2 Underground level -1 TBA 2,380 м²
Total build-up area (TBA) 12,560 m2 Ground floor TBA 1,190 м²
TBA above ground 7,800 m2 Floor 1 TBA 1,317 м²
TBA below ground 4,760 m2 Floor 2 TBA 1,317 м²
Underground parking lots 105 Floor 3 TBA 1,317 м²
Floor 4 TBA 1,317 м²
Floor 5 TBA 1,317 м²
Some of the main advantages of the building are the full access control, high-speed elevators, and high
operational and energy efficiency through the HELVAR Lightning systems and the VRF system by
Mitsubishi Electric.
The offices on each floor have an open space design. In this way, it is easier for tenants to structure
the working spaces and be more flexible in assigning working and relax areas.
Owing to the design of the building, 90 % of its interior enjoys natural light. The toilets, conference and
meeting rooms are located in the remaining darker areas on each floor.
FairPlay Business Hub has two staircases and four lifts servicing all levels. This provides for a normal
vertical transport inside the building and prevents people from gathering in a single place. Moreover,
each office floor can easily be divided into two independently functioning parts.
70 percent of the building’s façade is glass, and the window design provides for an optimal lightning of
the office space. The windows of the southern façade facing the “Lyuba Velichkova” Str. are mounted
in a specific angle, which guarantees not only the maximum penetration of natural light, but also limits
traffic noise in the office rooms.
FairPlay Business Hub has parallel heating and air-conditioning systems, a complete BMS management
system for the heating, conditioning, ventilation and electricity supply, as well as a Daly system
managing the lightning.
The thermal insulation of the building is similar to the insulation of passive houses. Part of the
insulation is on the outer side of the walls and is made of 15 cm mineral wadding. Another layer of 5
cm wadding is placed on the inner side of the façade walls.
Two sound-insulation systems have been used on the walls separating different offices: a 10 cm thick
wadding (50kg/m²) and a Decibel sound-insulation membrane. The suspended ceiling of the office
areas has a sound-insulation index of 24 dB and a noise reduction coefficient of 0.90. The suspended
flooring in the office areas is mounted 25 cm higher than the concrete floor, thus providing for
ФЕЪРПЛЕЙ БИЗНЕС ХЪБ| Национален Конкурс „Сграда на Годината“ 2018
additional sound insulation. The bright height of the office space is between 2.80 and 3.00 meters in
the different parts of the building.
The conference areas in the building are located on the first floor and are equipped with special
soundproof partition panels that allow the space to be divided into smaller rooms as well as joining it
into one great hall. The partition walls are Hufcor - moViSTA Rw, P: 45 dB.
The ventilation of the rooms is located in the double flooring. In this way, the airflow is evenly
distributed and the rooms are much more comfortable than the ones conditioned by ceiling ventilation
The building’s interiors are designed by Stephen George International. They were commissioned by
the largest tenant in FairPlay Business Hub: Actavis (part of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.).
The major subcontractors during the construction phase of the building are: Build KM Ltd. (façade
windows), Bulcam Décor Ltd (façade stone tiling), Electra Team Ltd. (electric supply systems), Pipe
System Joint Stock Company (water supply and sewerage), Kone Single Proprietor Limited Liability
Company (manufacturing, supply, mounting and putting into operation of the lifts), Climacom
Engineering Ltd. (air-conditioning and heating systems).
The following specific construction materials are also used in the building: Wienerberger bricks -
POROTERM 12N + F, interior glass partition systems - Vision Duo; suspended ceiling Focus DS
600/600/220; antibacterial carpet tiles by Interface, soundproofing system Barrier 3.5R Rolls с 3.5
kg/m2, 5m x 1m x 1.8mm; soundproof panels by Snowsound Technology by Caimi.
From the investor's point of view, FairPlay Business Hub has an additional unique advantage - the
building is designed to respond to future changes in this area of Sofia, easily shifting its purpose from
an office building to a residential one.
The building is also an excellent example of a successful project due to the high operational efficiency
achieved by the investor's team - only 22 months passed from the moment the plot was purchased
until the building obtained its permit and welcomed its tenants.