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Plovdiv, 19 Veliko Tarnovo


The building is located in Surveyed Land Plot XVI-522.272, quarter 134 new, 316 old, according to the urban plan of the central part of the town of Plovdiv, 19 Veliko Tarnovo Str. The property is bordered on the south west by Krustyo Pastuhov Str., and to the south-east with property 211, to north-east with dead-end street, and to the north-west with Veliko Tarnovo Street, which borders with the central park of Plovdiv.

The site represents a five-star hotel with four floors, attic and two underground floors. The main entrance of the hotel is from the north west - Veliko Tarnovo Str. There is a car lift built to transport the cars to the underground garage.


The property falls within the Ц (C) zone and is intended as a hotel:


The building is designed by all obligatory construction lines specified in the Detailed Site Development Plan

The following project elevations have been achieved:

Еlevation of cornice = +172.20 m:+172.45 m;+172.30 m.

Еlevation of ridge= +176.70 m;+176.95 m:+176.80 m.



Seven levels are built - 2 underground, 4 above the ground and 1 terraced - as follows:

1. Level - 2 elevation -6.35 m. Built-up Area = 403.9 m2

Level -2 consists of an underground parking lot with 8 parking spaces serving the hotel, a storage room, technical area for HVAC systems. There is also a staircase on this level, a lift and a manoeuvrable space for cars.

2. Level -1 elevation -3.45 Built-up area = 403.9 m2

At Level -1 there is the hotel conference room, with space for lecturers and a wet buffet. The hall itself though a transformation of the furniture can also function as a breakfast room for guests, and vice versa. The conference room also has a premises for the inventory of the hall. On this level there is also the corridor between the restaurant and hall. The kitchen is developed on one level, and the servicing is done at the upper level elevation +0.00 and at Level -1 in the breakfast room.

3. Level 1 elevation -+0,00 Built-up area = 275 m2

At level 1 there is the restaurant with 23 dining places, a lobby bar and a wet buffet. Rightwards opposite the entrance of the hotel is the reception desk. To the left of the reception are located a lounge with fireplace and a corner for beauty and care. On this level there will be located a luggage storage for guests.
The free area of the south east side of the hotel is full of greenery. During the summer season there will be tables and chairs outside the hotel building and the customers will be served there.

Hotel part:

Level 2:  Elevation +3.45 m - 304 m2

Level 3: Elevation +6.40 m - 304 m2

Level 4: Elevation +9.35 m - 304 m2

Level 5: Elevation +12.30m - 225 m2

The three hotel levels (+2, +3, +4) have a standard type alignment. The hotel floor consists of 7 double bed rooms. Two of the rooms to the north are connected with each other by a double door. Each room consists of a bathroom, entrance vestibule with wardrobe, double bed (or two single beds), TV and sitting area with soft seating (the furniture meets the requirements for 5 star hotel rooms).

In the attic floor there are built one standard hotel room, one hotel room of studio type and one two-bedroom apartment with west exposure.

The building construction is framed with two underground levels. The foundation is constructed with a common foundation slab. Across the whole perimeter of the trench as a part of the supporting structure of the building there are slit walls anchored at a depth of 15.6 m below the ground elevation. The splinter walls are made by a special technology and project of Prof. Eng. N. Zhechev.


The building is constructed to be accessible for people with disabilities - the entry to it is on a par with the external vertical planning. The lift is accessible for the disabled. There is a bathroom for disabled people on floor -1.


5.1. Exterior

The façades of the hotel are covered with limestone (Vratsa stone), decorative façade plaster and granite on the washboard of the building. The stones are mounted on the façades by gluing on metal reinforcing mesh. Below it there is thermal insulation system of rock mineral wool - laminated with a thickness of about 15 cm.

The stone tiling is provided for decoration around the doors, windows, washboard and highlighting the architectural elements of the façades. The rest of the façades are finished with decorative plaster with relief and colour choices agreed with the designer.

5.2. Interior

The materials and systems used for the interior design of the hotel are compliant with the overall exterior vision of the site, the investor’s requirements and all legal regulations concerning hotel of this category.

The staircase is finished with natural stone flooring, marble and granite stairs and stairwells. The staircase walls are finished with wainscoting with height H = 1 m and decorative panels of wallpaper, and latex. The whole staircase across all floors of the building is finished this way.

Elevation -3.45 (second basement floor)

The conference room is with carpet flooring and walls decorated with wallpaper and latex. The ceiling is designed with a suspended ceiling system with latex finish.

The corridor connecting the conference room with the lift and the stairwell is designed in the following combination: flooring: natural stone-marble and granite; walls: wainscoting with height H = 1m and decorative panels from wallpaper, and latex; ceiling - suspended ceiling system with latex finish.

Elevation +0,00

In the reception area, the beauty and care corner and the corridor next to the stairwell, the floor is finished with natural stone - marble and granite. The walls are finished with decorative interior rendering. The ceilings have suspended ceilings system with decorative interior rendering.

To create cosy and luxury environment in the restaurant there is a carpet flooring. To create a common interior vision on the walls and ceilings the same solution is used as at the reception desk.

Hotel floors

The hotel rooms have carpet flooring, wall decoration panels from wallpapers in combination with decorative interior rendering and latex painted ceilings. In the bathrooms - granite tiles, walls of faïence with a height of H = 1.25 m and the rest - with latex. The ceilings are finished with suspended ceiling system with latex coating. There are also decorative elements from natural stone.

In the corridors for the purpose of preservation the general style of the hotel, there is a carpet flooring. The entrance of each room has a separate strip of carpet to comply with fire safety construction and technical norms. On the walls there is a panel decoration with H = 1m in combination with wallpaper and latex paint. The ceilings are finished with suspended ceiling system with latex coating. Around the lift doors there is a decorative framework from natural stone.