Sofia Municipality - Vitosha


eng. Lachezar Hristov




Penio Stolarov-ART



1979 The Boyana Church, known for its 13th-century frescoes, was included in the World Heritage List. 1985 I reconstructed the old Boyana School in a reception building and a museum to the Boyana Church as an interpretation of the church-basque type. 2017, the spatial parameters and the material characteristics of the building from 1985 were preserved in the adaptation of the kindergarten.


The essence of the project is to maximize the existing volume and without changing the spatial parameters and contours of the building to build a modern kindergarten. At level -2.72 there are: indoor courtyard, gymnasium-music hall, information and training center, food and waste room, staff room with sanitary facilities, storage room for appliances and boiler room. The covered courtyard is the center of the volumetric composition of the kindergarten. Its basillic lighting and the open, glazed northern facade ensure a steady and protected daylight from direct sunlight. The ladder, which runs from level -2.72 to level 0.00, is amphitheatrically positioned against the abscisely shaped entry from the northern side of the kindergarten. This allows the covered courtyard to be used to hold concerts and theater performances to invite parents and guests. The height of the inner courtyard from 8.33m to the cirilhit and 6.42m to the attic plate provides spatial comfort and the opportunity for children to play in it and in the weather when outdoor conditions are not suitable for outdoor stays. The brick masonry on the walls of the patio creates the splendid backdrop for a rich landscaping. The covered courtyard takes on functions that are included in both the gymnasium and the informational and educational center. In this way, the one-level functional spaces are mutually enriched and create the feeling of spatial comfort in the kindergarten. In the covered courtyard is used the existing pavement - red Lesidren pavers, brest and red Lesidren flats. The ladder, which connects -2.72 to level 0.00, also uses existing flooring - bracky. Between the elevation -2.72 and elevation 0.00 the two levels of the courtyard that are connected are the amphitheater ladder is located an elevator. On the one hand, the elevator is connected to the reception kitchen, and on the other hand it allows the disadvantaged people to access both levels. The metal structure of the elevator shaft, located at elevation 0.00, is glazed and thus provides a connection between the northern and southern entrances of the kindergarten. At elevation 0.00 are located the main premises for groups of 25 children. Both spaces for two groups of 25 children are also linked to the covered courtyard to create a sense of a spatial community at both levels and unimpeded overflow of the functional characteristics of the kindergarten. The outer walls are heat-insulated with 10 cm mineral wool. Latex painted gypsum board forms the interior. Level 0.00 is linked to level 4.30 via a ladder whose metal support structure uses a double T profile 160 mm high and a pitch of 80 mm. The handrail of the railing is made of solid wood mounted on a metal rail. The floor of the 4.30 staircase lay on a grid of double T profiles. The floor corridor at elevation 4.30 uses the existing reinforced concrete slab and the reverse beams. On wooden logs and wooden beams grills are mounted OSB boards on which the flooring is placed. On level 4.30 there are the director's office, methodical cabinet, staff changing rooms and clean and dirty linen warehouses. The roof of the building is made of: sheet metal, waterproofing double layer, OSB (12 mm waterproofing) on ​​board - 2 cm, heat insulation - pressed mineral wool 14 cm between wooden structure, steam insulation, fireproof plasterboard mounted on metal construction.