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ARTEKS PROJECTLTD / arch. Radoslav Borisov, arch. Slavena Yankova, arch. Diana Damyanova Interior project/ Interior design: Burova architect Ltd.



At “Vita” the patient and his needs come firST. This was the main principle and motivation that led the team that led the team while designing and constructing the new hospital building.


Vita is one of the first medical institutions in Sofia, starting its activity in 1992. As a natural step in the development of this already established hospital, the investors visualized an expansion, in order to comply with  a larger palette of medical services, in a new building.  The aim is to increase the scale and variety of medical services rendered, but also to create a more comfortable atmosphere according to the highest standards in the hospital industry. The  years of experience and research and the professionalism of the design team, shaped the flawless, functionally as well as aesthetically, structure of the hospital.We managed to build a structure that is perfect in a functional aspect as well as an esthetic one. Incorporating high-end modern medical equipment is a main must for the investors. But the main difference between Vita Hospital and other medical institutions is the measured scale and comfort medium, which give the patients a sense of coziness and peace of mind.


“We are happy that we could follow the ideas of the biggest medical institutions and apply them in our own project, despite the conservative norms, effective in Bulgaria” - shares arch. Slavena Yankova.


The building is approximately 9000m² spread out are, 7 operation rooms, 200 hospital beds , including 30 beds for babies. The hospital includes in its structure:

Ground floor: medical laboratories, emergency room, hospital pharmacy, sanitary-living units, technical premises and parking.


First floor: entry hall, reception, pharmacy, buffet, consulting rooms, diagnostic-consulting center, ladies consultations, pediatric consultation, GP consulting rooms, department of image diagnosis, In Vitro center.


Second floor: department of obstetrics and gynecology, maternity block with hall for operative delivery permit, department of neonatology and department of pathological pregnancy;


Third floor: Operation block with 6 operation rooms, department of anesthesiology, resuscitation and intense treatment, central sterilization.


Fourth floor: departments of surgery, gastroenterology, urology and andrology.


Fifth floor: departments of orthopaedy and traumatology, neurosurgery, gynecology.


Sixth floor:  department of plastic and reconstructive surgery, administrative sector, sector for seminars and training.


Seventh floor: Big roof terrace with inner and outer space, greenery and recreation zone.

There is rich green landscaping across the estate and 90 parking space. Architectural image is clean out and explicit. The big glass element clearly divides the entrance hall from the main structure of the hospital. The game of separating façade surfaces is interesting. Ceramic lining, selected as the main façade material again aims to give warmness to the building and to avoid the hospital vision. In contrast to that, the foot of the building is settled by grey granite, giving it a good stable basis.

Building parameters:
Built-up area:  1523 m2

Spread-out area:  8400 m2 /+ 600 m2 roof terrace/
Construction intensity coefficient:  1.4