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The Logistics Center was constructed  as built-to-suit project, in accordance with the highest technology requirements and corporate standards approved for all sites of the Deutsche Post DHL Group (DPDHL), and consists of: terminal with a mezzanine and three south-facing fingers with  direct access to buses; underground parking lot for the employees;administrative building with adjacent areas, covering an area of 12 800 sq.m.

The terminal - a single-storey building with an area of 3,191 sq.m and a height of 10.50 m has no analogue in the country up to date. The new facility houses a hi-tech automated system with a sorting capacity of 3,000 shipments per hour. The building has a rectangle shape with dimensions in the main directions 38.55 - 75.30 m. The bearing prefabricated reinforced concrete structure  is composed of columns, beams and panels. The roof is constructed of reinforced concrete beams and layer-by-layer assembly of trapezoidal metal sheet, rigid mineral wool and PVC membrane. The access of natural light to the terminal is achieved by a luminous strip (3.3 - 62 m) and 8 separate smoke-exhaust hatches (1.5 - 2 m) embedded in the roof. On the north side of the building are located 6 loading areas for loading TIR trucks, with 6 sectional doors, and 7 loading areas for loading buses, with 7 sectional doors with sealing sleeves and leveling ramps. In the northwestern part of the property is detached the so-called "special zone" to the Sofia Airport Security Area, which is directly related to the technological process of DHL Bulgaria EOOD, providing direct access to Sofia Airport apron for loading/unloading operations. Through this zone, DHL Express shipments arrive at the sorting area directly from the aircraft. Similarly, shipments processed for shipment from the terminal are loaded directly onto the airplane.

To the south of the hall is located the area for delivery  of goods from buses and light commercial vehicles. On the south part are located 3 fingers - PuD I (31.66 - 4.14 m), PuD II (31.66 - 4.14 m) and PuD III (22.65 - 4.14 m), with 54 roller shutter doors for buses with sealing sleeves and overload bridges. The fingers have a steel bearing structure. The facades of the halls and PuD I, PuD II and PuD III are lined with NCS S 0580-Y10R composite panels .

Under the terminal a parking lot is constructed, with an area of 4,342.71 sq.m and 118 parking spaces. For the first time, a site built for DHL Express provides an underground parking, resulting in a specific technological solution for the ±0.00concrete slab to meet the load requirements applicable to all sites of the global logistics leader. The underground parking lot is built under the main volume of the hall and the administrative building at elevation -3.60. The main access to the parking lot is realized through a two-lane and one-lane ramp on the south side of the plot. The ramps pavement surface is grooved to create conditions for convenient and safe traffic. In the basement are designed the relevant technical premises - a sprinkler tank, a pumping room, a boiler room, a diesel generator, a main switchboard, and a transformer station.

The administrative building consists of 3 floors, each with an area of 540 sq.m, where within the terminal a mezzanine with an area of 530.88 sq.m is situated, providing direct access for the employees to the cargo handling and sort facilities. The building has a rectangle shape with dimensions in the main directions 14.34 - 42.84 m and a monolithic reinforced concrete structure of columns, beams and slabs. The roof is made of reinforced concrete slab, sloped concrete, geotextile protective underlay, waterproofing membrane, XPS 140 mm thermal insulation, filtering geotextile layer and heavy protection of washed river gravel (the so-called “inverted flat roof”). The main access to the administrative building is from the east through the entrance hall. The connection between the individual floors is provided by a staircase with an elevator. The elevation +3.60 of the administrative building is attached to elevation + 4.50 of the mezzanine. The general accessibility to the environment from level + 3.60m to + 4.50m, according to the requirements of Ordinance No. 4/2009, is provided by a mobile stair robot.

In the administrative building on the three levels Office premises on the three levels of the administrative building are separated - on both sides along a centrally located corridor. The office spaces are extremely efficiently tailored to the access control system, offering flexibility to the office units through a built-in glass panel system, which enables the establishment of individual meeting rooms, when necessary. Panels are executed by a company - leader in the innovative office solutions. The office space design is envisaged to provide natural light to all work areas. Close to the office premises, provided for a larger number of employees, the so-called "recreation areas" are separated, and within the office spaces "areas for discussion" planned for employee meetings are separated. The floorings of the administrative premises are made of carpet and soundproof materials, in order to achieve an optimally efficient working environment for each employee, enabling the creation of separate working spaces. In this context, a ceiling was designed and executed in the office premises, consisting of an Armstrong 60x60 cm acoustic panels, hidden installation, removable system, L-steel finishing profile. Sanitary units, including for disabled people, are built on each floor. The facades of the administrative building are lined with NCS S 1080-R composite panels.

Due to access control restrictions to the property 2 checkpoints are built, with a built-up area of 15 m2 each. The checkpoint 1, located at the northeastern corner of the plot, serves to control heavy-duty vehicles, and the checkpoint 2, located in the southwest corner, serves to control light-duty buses. The necessary facilities are provided for the security personnel, each of the facilities being equipped with a sanitary unit and a resting place.

The building has a permanent occupation regime - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, given the specificity of DHL Express's activity.

The adjacent areas of the building meet both the safety requirements on the territory of Sofia Airport Complex and the requirements for creating an accessible and safe environment. The access for disabled persons is provided as the entrance to the lobby is through a ramp located by the 4 disabled parking spaces. The site also provides 25 onground parking spaces for clients and guests.

The logistics center is situated in close proximity to the Sofia Airport operational platform, with access to the "airside zone", which gives a key advantage to the delivery rate, a very important aspect for DHL Express Bulgaria’s operations.

The newly built property is leased for a long term by the investor and owner Bulgaria Air Maintenance. The implementation of this project enables the logistics base built for DHL Express Bulgaria to become one of the largest distribution hubs for courier and cargo service in the region.