Park Industry Sofia East AD




еng. Jivko Ivanov


Paladin Property Development/ arch. Zdravko Kuzmanov


Gara Elin Pelin

"Industrial Park Sofia East" is a large-scale project catering to the needs of local and international transport, logistics & light industry operators & manufacturers. The park boasts a prime location with fast connections to the country’s major international transport corridors. The project’s consolidated and urbanized terrain of about 70 ha, its location just 25 km away from Sofia’s city centre, the terrain’s ready access to high-capacity infrastructure and the availability of a labour pool within its immediate proximity are key advantages that set the project up to be the preferred production and logistics destination in the region. A market of around 2.7 million people can be reached within just two-hours driving time.


The first phase of the project consists of two buildings with a total built-up area of around 42,000 sq. m., developed in stages and consisting of open warehouse space with pallet racking systems and integrated office units. The phase was developed on land plot XXVI, district 80 in the territorial plan of Gara Elin Pelin, part of Elin Pelin municipality, located in  Sofia region. A regulated parcel of about 7.2 ha was used for the development. The construction of the first stage of each of the two buildings (totalling about 21,000 sq. m.), the entire underground and part of the aboveground infrastructural & street network have been completed within the past three years.


Building 1 - Stage 2 is a temperature-controlled warehouse with a pallet racking system and integrated office space. Its total built-up area is 10,737.26 m2. The building comprises of an open-space single-storey hall with approximate dimensions of 98x96 m and a mezzanine floor at "+5.40" elevation along the northern and southern facades. The northern mezzanine floor comprises of class “B”, airconditioned office space. The mezzanine floor along the southern facade is used as additional storage space. The cross-docking design of the warehouse allows for flexibility in the separation and organisation of the space.


The supporting structure is predominantly steel with reinforced concrete elements up to ground zero. The enclosing walls and roof have been executed with thermal insulation in accordance with the regional characteristics of the climate. The clear height of the warehouse is 11.00m, allowing for six levels of storage when using euro-pallets on a standard pallet racking system.


Building 1 - Stage 2 is divided into eight modules of approximately 1,175 m2, about 24x48m ​​each. 315 pallets can be stored on a single level in single module when standard racking systems, corridors for manoeuvring, and aisles are employed. The load-bearing capacity of the industrial flooring is 5 t/m2.


In accordance with industry best practices (one ramp for every 600 m2 of storage space), each module has access to two loading docks equipped with “Hörmann“ sectional doors and hydraulic levelers. The automatic fire extinguishing (sprinkler) system is installed at 3 height levels in the storage areas, and on a single level in the office areas and picking zones. A standard fire alarm system has been installed. The temperature range in the warehouse is 14-24⁰С, while in the offices - 18-25⁰. There are direct evaporation systems in the storage area and split system air conditioning in the offices. An automatic smoke exhaust system has been built and connected to the fire alarm system. All lighting in the building is LED-based. Each building is supplied with an independent power supply, with each module having individual outlets. Additionally, a diesel generator back-up power supply is in place.


Sanitary facilities such as bathrooms, sinks, toilets and changing rooms, and amenity areas such as kitchens, dining rooms, etc. are at the staff members’ disposal. A separate server room and a wall-mount utility sink have been built. The central entrances on the two façades and the external staircases meet the regulatory requirements for evacuation of personnel.


The loading and maneuvering areas are built with double reinforced concrete and pavement with high load-bearing capacity. Green areas, pedestrian zones and parking space for trucks and cars have been constructed around the building. An additional parking lot with sufficient capacity to service both warehouse buildings has been constructed within the project’s territory. Seven-meter wide two-way streets service the internal traffic within the territory. Security is provided by an access control system and 24/7 on-site guards. The warehouses’ maintenance and management are performed by a professional facility manager.


Building 1-Stage 2 is in operation following the issuance of Usage Permit № СТ-05-1080 / 11.09.2018.


The leasable area is fully occupied by internationally recognized companies operating on the territory of the country.