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† Prof. Dr. eng. Yordan Milev


AMFION - arch. Borislav Bogdanov, KARH - arch. Daniel Koradzhiyski, METEX - Sinan Kafadar, IDEA - Alex Kovachev




InterContinental Sofia






InterContinental Sofia defines a new standard in the category of Luxury city hotels, offering its guests exceptional comfort, modern design and personal service at an international level.

Located at the heart of the Bulgarian capital adjacent to the country’s primary government buildings and cultural highlights, the hotel is preferred by business guests and tourists from all over the world who expect to find home comfort and authentic spirit of the local culture.


To meet the latest trends in the industry and the high standards of the operator, the building has been completely renovated a new wing has been built. The presidential suit is located on the top floor of the new wing.

The public areas of the hotel are spacious and interconnected, with convenient meeting and event venues as well as such for privacy and work.

At the entrance the guests will be impressed by a sculptural installation of lighting fixtures that unfolds in the double volume of the lobby and carries its hidden message. At the end of the light path there is a beautiful and impressive fireplace. An elegant seating area with upholstered furniture is situated next to the fireplace, which creates the pleasant feeling of a cozy home rather than a hotel lobby.

On the ground floor there is a reception, segmented in a way that it can serve more guests. Nearby is located the InterContinental Club where business guests can enjoy VIP services in a pleasant and relaxing setting. There they can find a library of books on various topics that harmoniously fit chic accessories.

At this level is located restaurant and bar Floret, whose name is inspired by the elements of the sculpture installation of the lobby.


On the mezzanine there is the center of events with 5 halls. They are

designed to deliver the finest event ambience through the combination of bright expansive spaces and state-of-the-art facilities that can meet the needs of different events. The capacity of the largest hall is 240 people, and the compact halls Parliament, Gallery, Library and Opera are the perfect solution for small and medium-sized events.


On the same floor there is the Studio Restaurant, which is reached through an artistic space overflowing into the mezzanine.

The art concept for the public areas of the hotel is reserved only for Bulgarian authors. The selected paintings and sculptures in the collection bring guests to the spirit of Bulgarian contemporary art. The aim is for the artworks to fit impeccably in the ambience and to complement it in a fascinating way.


InterContinental Sofia has a total of 194 spacious rooms and suites that meet the highest standards. The new wing of the hotel provides additional 54 rooms and a luxurious presidential suite located across the 7th floor. The dimensions of the rooms are strictly in accordance with the operator's requirements and the national standardization for 5-star-hotels. Their modern interior is based on the feeling of luxury and home comfort, where on calm and earthy tones are integrated motifs of the national culture. The fascinating views of the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, the National Assembly and the monument of Tsar Osvoboditel will make guests feel even more strongly the spirit and atmosphere of the historical center of Sofia. The new wing of the hotel opens to a picturesque view of Vitosha Mountain. The art concept for the rooms was created by international consultants of the brand. It includes reproductions of the Sofia's remarkable buildings.


The guiding principle of the team in the implementation of the project has been the attention to detail in every aspect of the construction and furnishing. Each task has had a clearly defined connection towards the result. Experienced designers, consultants and specialists have taken part in the process and have accepted the challenge to make the success of the project possible. An explicit requirement of the investor in chose of contractors has been to give priority to local companies that can guarantee the best quality, which meets the standards of the operator.  

A team of experts from the IHG office in London strictly controlled the process through regular visits and recommendations to ensure that the hotel product would be at the level of each InterContinental in Europe.


The materials and systems used in the construction fully meet the European standards for quality, safety and sound insulation. Some of them have been used for the first time in Bulgaria. The new wing is built of a metal structure as a superstructure with 7 additional hotel floors above an existing reinforced concrete volume. For this purpose, the foundations have been reinforced with a common foundation slab, and the seismic efforts have been borne by metal X-links and damping devices under the project of Prof. Yordan Milev. The load-bearing structure is provided with EI120 with a fire-resistant coating and is additionally enclosed in fireproof partitions. What has been specific for the construction is that in the area of ​​the bathrooms there have been designed reductions of the metal structure to provide a height for the horizontal piping of the plumbing installation and putty, and the rest of the floor slabs have been polished during the pouring, so as to achieve a fairly equal basis for laying the final coating without transition in the levels. The joinery is made of ETEM E75 aluminum with high gloss glass triple glazing with Ug = 0.5W / m²K and Rw = 41 dB.

The built infrastructure includes high-end cabling, passive and active equipment and 100% Wi-Fi coverage of the building. The final elements of the electrical installation are according to the Italian standard Bticino Living Light, a leader in the luxury segment of electrical equipment.

A lock system of Assa Abloy Hospitality has been integrated for access control in hotel rooms.

Each room is equipped with a 43" Samsung TV with Internet access and a wireless connectivity option with a mobile device for broadcasting its own audio and video content. In all areas, there is reliable air conditioning and ventilation combining the proven energy efficiency and comfort of a four-pipe water installation with the flexible and innovative advantages of three-pipe freon systems. City hotels are distinguished from other buildings in terms of their exploitation intensity and associated costs on an annual basis, which in turn gives special attention to the choice of systems and equipment for energy efficiency measures and their returns.

In the completion of the finishing works and furnishing, the operator's standards define all types of flooring, cladding and the wear-resistance class of the materials according to the areas in which they are used. All carpets are woven, individually designed, with predominant wool content and laid on a polyurethane pad. In the bathrooms, Italian granite tile is used with anti-slip resistance R10b, natural stone in the dry areas and vinyl wallpaper. High-grade materials – natural stone, walnut veneer, solid wood, fabrics and fillings to meet the requirements of softness, seating comfort and flammability according to EN1021 / BS 5852 are used in the furniture production. The interior textile is 100% blackout in order to provide complete darkness even during the day, especially important for the flight crew hotel guests. Guests have the opportunity to define the atmosphere in the room by combining individual lighting fixtures and hidden lighting, no matter in what part of the day.

Great attention has been paid to security, international operators are extremely strict in their requirements and in this aspect do not allow any compromise. The entire building has an integrated intelligent fire alarm system, evacuation lighting and complete coverage of the sprinkler system. Each room is designated as an independent fire cell and escape routes are precisely sized and additionally secured with automatic fire barriers controlled by the central. During the transition of the installations between the zones, a fire barrier is provided, and mechanical and electric valves are fitted to the air ducts, which are closed to limit the potential spread of fire and smoke. In addition to technical security, all staff have passed a series of emergency response trainings so as to ensure the safety of the people in the building, making such hotels as safe as possible.


InterContinental Sofia has brought both the modern luxury and the highest quality of the hotel service to Bulgaria, and as part of the global leader in the hotel industry, InterContinental Hotels Group, with its presence in more than 100 countries, makes a serious request to become a leader in the luxury hotels market in the country.