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ARTEX ENGINEERING, whose mission is to create buildings which uplift their environment and homes empowering their inhabitants, is delighted and proud to present ANDROMEDA – a boutique building made to impress. It was built for people who have their feet firmly on the ground, but their eyes are drawn to the stars. It is imposing and sophisticated, modern and eternal, and combines the highest achievements of residential design and construction with the millennium-old spirit of Feng Shui and the wonderful realization that every person has a few basic needs – comfort, tranquility, harmony, beauty, and balance.


The creators of the building believe that the home’s positive energy depends on the location of the plot, therefore the realization was preceded by studies of the land design, underground and ground-level geopathogenic emissions, technogenic factors on the site, and radiesthesia. ANDROMEDA is built with harmonic spaces, systems and protections, orientated in accordance with the four directions and the environment in such a way as to have a beneficial effect on its residents: to envelop them in sunlight, to fill them imperceptibly with a feeling of lightness and optimism. ANDROMEDA, inspired by one of the most beautiful constellations, has a name and a logo which symbolically incorporate the universal rhythm, love, and determination.


The ANDROMEDA building is situated in the ideal center of the capital, between the Madrid Boulevard and the Oborishte and Cherkovna streets. The location is extremely quiet and peaceful, one of the few such remaining spots in the central part of the city. The environment consists mostly of low and medium-height, multi-family buildings with rich greenery in the courts, on the streets, and in the public spaces. The building is eight stories high, but the receding terrace shape of the last three stories and the soft, round shape united by frames on several levels create an impression of a small, stylish building. This allows it to blend harmoniously with its surroundings without dominating them, and to create an impression of sophistication, warmth, and coziness.


The ANDROMEDA building is the first one of a series of buildings by ARTEX with space names. Man has always gazed at the stars with dreams and yearning since ancient times, but life in a big city does not allow us to perceive the starry sky in all its glory. This is why we tried to recreate a piece of it. Special places on the facade are engraved with five of the most well-known constellations, including the eponymous Andromeda. To make them visible on the facade in the evenings, they are painted with phosphorescent paint which gives them a soft, delicate glow without being loud or intrusive. We turned the ceiling of every balcony in a small piece of the sky with the lighting fixtures scattered as stars. All of this creates a unique spirit and memorable style of the building. This is how it inspires passers-by to gaze at the romantic starry spectacle presented by our evening sky. A spectacle which is often forgotten in the hectic rhythm of the city, presented with skill and scaled down to human proportions on the building facade. In order to leave nothing to chance and not to allow anything to affect the harmonious vision of the facade, we created a unique design for the air conditioning grills which will emphasize and add to the general air of the building, creating a memorable and recognizable look.


The entrance of the building stands out with the rich, terraced greenery and the steps with scattered plants in-between. It challenges the imagination and curiosity: “What other surprises will bring us this spontaneous invitation to the impressive lobby?” There, we are met by the soft nuances of stone combined with the elegant shapes of the suspended ceilings and vertical greenery which spreads beyond the doorstep. The ANDROMEDA constellation shines above our heads, underscored by the dim light and the mirror panels and once again subtly creating this feeling of lightness and tranquility which we feel each time when we gaze, even for a moment, at the endless sky speckled with stars. This unique architectural interpretation allows ANDROMEDA to impart the tranquility, harmony, beauty, and balance of the universal rhythm to its residents.


We are driven by the idea that the architecture of a building is not just an exterior shell, so we have worked hard to transition the external visual elements into the building’s interiors. The smooth lines and curves of the facade have been brought to the design of the communal parts in the building itself. The curves flow through the ceiling and are repeated in the patterns on the doors, handles, stair rails. Everything down to the smallest detail serves a grand design.


The building is designed for a small number of apartments. They are four on the lower floors, from the first to the fourth, and have a smaller area. The apartments on the higher floors get more luxurious, with more space, and less in number. We have three apartments each on the fifth and sixth floors, two on the seventh, and this goes hand-in-hand with an increase of the floor-to-ceiling height. The last, eighth floor has only one, unique, multi-room penthouse apartment with a panoramic view in all directions. This sounds unbelievable for a property in the center proper of the city, but you can really see everything from there: Vitosha mountain, the Balkan mountain, the golden domes of the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, the lights of nighttime Sofia.


Despite the small area of the property, we endeavored to create a small, green, cozy space in the yard where the building’s residents can come together to talk, play, or simply meditate or read a favorite book. It is placed right next to the entrance of the building, above the platform to the underground floors. The yard has a gradual incline and connects the level of the entrance to the sidewalk outside the property. This creates an accessible environment for mothers with strollers and people with reduced mobility.



Information on providers of materials, technologies and solutions used for the realization of the building.


ARTEX ENGINEERING AD’s principle of uncompromising, high-quality performance and secure living is materialized once again in the ANDROMEDA residential building with its selected materials and tried and tested modern technologies.



Construction technology


ANDROMEDA is built with a monolithic reinforced concrete skeleton construction without joisting. In view of the high seismic activity in Sofia, the company employs a special plan to guarantee the stability of the building in the event of a strong earthquake. The facade walls are built of high-quality, ecological, ceramic bricks Wienerberger.





The facade coatings are a combination of stone slabs of the highest in grade and purity travertine with a thickness of 3 cm, a composite aluminum material, Alucobond, as well as an integrated thermal insulation system by Baumit. The stone slabs are worked in various ways, some of them are milled with constellations built into the material. The thermal insulation beneath the coating is of 12-cm laminated stone wool. All balcony railings are made of console glass.






ARTEX ENGINEERING AD carefully selected the provider for the window and suspended facade frames and entrusted SHUCO, the AWS/ADS 70.HI series. The frame casings in the building are concealed – AvanTec Simply, with a single-stage natural ventilation of the side windows. The windows use triple glazing (respectively Energy / Planibel Clear / Iplus Top, all by the AGC company), and together with the frame profiles, the total heat exchange ratio achieves values lower than 1,0 W / m²K.






All walls between individual homes are made of double-brick masonry with a 2-cm intermediate layer of heavy mineral wool providing insulation from structural and aerial noise between the separate units. We also applied a special technology for the impact noise insulation of the room floors, below the screed, by constructing a so-called floating floor and laying the high-tech soundproofing membrane Fonas Tex.



Heating and air conditioning


The ANDROMEDA building allows owners to choose the most appropriate methods of heating and air conditioning for their homes. The residential building has central heating from a thermal power station. Cooling is decentralized, with individual split air conditioning systems in each apartment. The internal units are installed high on the indoor walls, and the external units are placed in specially-built installation boxes. ARTEX ENGINEERING is committed to ensure a range of choices which will enable individual selection without affecting the general aesthetics and the comfort of the other residents.



Communal parts


The lobby of the building makes an impression with its feeling of coziness emphasized by the delicate and soft lines, the accent added by the vertical greenery, the panel with a designer wallpaper, and the striking, constellation-shaped lighting.

The building’s stairs are made with a metal framework railing and triplex panels with a matte image design.

Apart from the facades, all floor lobbies of the building are also inlaid with stone coating, and stone is used for the frames of all entrance doors. The floor lobbies of the building are covered with a natural stone flooring and high-grade carpet. The entrance doors to the apartments are made of chestnut panels with a carved design, frames of natural stone, lit doorbells of Plexiglas and stainless steel laser-cut with a design, and the door handles are made of stainless steel with decorative milling. Every door has elegant backlighting which emphasizes the unique coating.


Buidling systems



The water supply system is made of Inox pipes and fittings of the Viega company. The heating system is provided by the supplied and installed high-class heating units by the Belgian company Jaga, also constructed with Inox pipes and fittings.

The building has a high-tech Otis elevator, model GeN2 Comfort, without an engine room, in compliance with the highest user safety and comfort requirements.

Every front door and the gatekeeper have a direct connection to each apartment with a high-class home video intercom system by the Spanish company Fermax.