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Residential Complex "Plovdiv City Park"

Is situated next to MALL Plovdiv – in the proximity of the city centre and the Rowing canal park. Our whole conception is to provide the inhabitants the ability to live in silence and peace, greenery and security. All of that is only 2 minutes with a car to the city centre, but also next to transport, schools, kindergartens and shops – MALL Plovdiv, The Rowing Channel, the city centre, etc.

 The complex includes eight sections

With 5 to 8 residential floors. The facility offers two-roomed, three-roomed, four-roomed and five-roomed apartments, with total area varying from 46 to 300 sq.m. Low-height construction is predominating, where big apartments -up to 300 sq.m. – with fascinating view, vastness and calmness are situated on the last floors. The buildings are very luxurious – with ventilated curtain wall (last-generation), rock wool insulation, windows with aluminum insert and high-end glass, inox, completely noiseless electric elevator, with fully openable door. The shared parts of the building are built by a designer’s project.

 One of the most-important criteria, according luxury,

Is the brightness and the vastness of the housing. This is what make Plovdiv City Park different and unique. The light area between the floor and the ceiling is 2.80 m., where the common standard for other buildings is 2.60m.

 Park area,

Next to which is Plovdiv City Park situated represents an ideal possibility for a walk, relaxation and sport in the complex of the Rowing channel and the green area around it. We are situated only thee minutes away by foot from the Rowing channel.

 The residents of the complex will be able to use

The inner court ( 2500 m2 ) stylishly formed parking lot with garden lighting, decorative flowers and rye grass, maintained throughout the year, vast and modern kids corner. The complex is with a controlled access, CCTV, which ensures full control of access for outsiders, which guarantees the calmness and security of the residents of the complex. In order to fulfill the requirements of the residents for convenience, cleanness and aesthetic maintenance of the complex are provided cleaning of the shared areas, maintenance of the green areas, disinfection of the whole housing complex, snow cleaning, professional housekeeper, full cabling – TV and internet.

 The housings in the building

Int he price of the estates of complex “Plovdiv City Park” are included the sale of property, construction works and parts of the common areas, common parts of the terrain, ideal parts of the terrain. Prices are final, VAT included, and are valid on sale of property and on concluding a contract of construction.Expenses on contracts, notary and state taxes are borne by the customer.