Sofia,Mladost Dstr.

AGAPEO brings us to one of the most well-connected spots in Sofia: mere meters away from the Mladost 1 metro station, with the added benefits from the generous gift of the nearby mountain – a healthy climate. You can live with joy, create, and do business in this multi-purpose building. It is furnished with apartments, studios, stores, offices, and underground parking lots. Their space offers flexibility and no compromises have been made with size. These are the living conditions you dream of, and the conditions to turn your dreams into reality!

The charming AGAPEO building employs its name to remind about the most important ingredient of happiness: love. This ancient Greek verb provided ARTEX ENGINNERING with the inspiration for a home which will surround its inhabitants with love, will offer them a world of light, warmth, and tenderness. The ten-story building is ephemeral, seemingly weightless with the glass-clad facade which both reflects the sunlight and lets it inside. It catches the eye and turns into a symbol of its environment.

AGAPEO is a symbol of unconditional love, passion, and yearning – the feelings which inspired and empowered the spirit of ARTEX’s team from the first sketches of the design, through the construction stage and until the point when the gossamer world of warm feelings materialized and illuminated the essence of this one-of-a-kind building. The team’s enthusiasm, the exceptional attention to every detail, and our full dedication and responsibility allowed ARTEX to provide this opportunity for families to turn the building into their home and gift them what is most precious: AGAPEO, LOVE, the greatest force which will protect and bolster them in moments of weakness, shine on their life’s journey, and bless them with new life…

AGAPEO wins you over with the classical simplicity of its lines and originality of the architectural design. The white element on the front facade is yet another time when ARTEX ENGINEERING incorporates a symbol in one of its buildings. The stylized harp strings engraved in the solid stone hint of the spiritual aspect of music. Lightness, beauty, harmony – this is the message of the harp’s melody, and this is the formula of a meaningful life unclouded by domestic worries.

The large variety in the areas and space allocation will allow you to find a match to your taste and desires. Afterwards, you will realize that in AGAPEO – as is always the case with ARTEX’s buildings – it is not you who maintain the home, the home maintains you. It will provide you with the healthy environment of a home built by materials with a proven origin and the security of high-standards construction. The low energy consumption and the thermal and soundproofing achieved with cutting-edge modern technologies guarantee economical and pleasant habitation.

The elegant facade flows into the impressive lobby where you will be welcomed by the gentle and soft shapes of the suspended ceilings, the dim light and the mirror panels, the concealed lighting and the touch of soft materials which naturally create a feeling of lightness, coziness, and calm moments after you pass the threshold. The plentiful space and ethereal details strengthen the feeling of a true temple of LOVE – AGAPEO, where we will feel the freedom, support and strength to continue striving for our dreams.

The neighborhood with the cheerful name Mladost (Youth) is becoming more and more dynamic, lively, and desired for its growing opportunities for good business and healthy living; this is a place for people full of energy and joy. Its communications are becoming ever more reliable, and your address there – more full of perspective and prestige. AGAPEO is an incantation for love, and this more achievable when our life is light and beautiful.



4. Information on providers of materials, technologies and solutions used for the realization of the building



ARTEX ENGINEERING AD’s principle of uncompromising, high-quality performance and secure living is materialized once again in the AGAPEO residential building with its selected materials and tried and tested modern technologies.


Construction technology


AGAPEO is built with a monolithic reinforced concrete skeleton construction, and the floors are a combination of flat and ribbed slabs.

In view of the high seismic activity in Sofia, the company employs a special plan to guarantee the stability of the building in the event of a strong earthquake. The facade walls are built of high-quality, ecological, ceramic bricks Wienerberger. All walls between individual homes are made of double-brick masonry with a 2-cm intermediate layer of heavy mineral wool providing insulation from structural and aerial noise between the separate units.




The facades are coated with an aluminum composite material – Alucobond – with fire resistance class A2, and stone wool for the highest-quality thermal insulation, as well as an integrated thermal insulation system of stone wool with a silicone plaster finish by the Baumit company. The thermal insulation of the AGAPEO building is combined – stone wool slabs Rockwool Frontrock Max E with a thickness of 12 cm in the areas planned for subsequent laying of facade plaster and stone wool slabs Rockwool Airrock ND with a black tile coating 50 kg/m3 with a thickness of 12 cm in the ventilated suspended facade area. All balcony railings are made of glass consoles.




ARTEX ENGINEERING AD carefully selected the provider for the window and suspended facade frames and entrusted Reynaers Aluminium and Rehau. We employed a Reynaers CW50Fu suspended facade system, Reynaers CS77HV with hidden vent windows and Sobinco Chrono for the suspended facade frames, and the GENEO series by REHAU with an installation width of 86 mm and concealed lining by Roto for the rest of the frames. The windows use triple glazing (respectively Energy / Planibel Clear / Iplus Top, all by the AGC company), and together with the frames the total heat exchange ratio achieves values lower than 1,0 W / m²K.




We applied a special technology for the impact noise insulation of the room floors, below the screed, by constructing a so-called floating floor and laying the high-tech soundproofing membrane Fonas Tex.

All walls between individual homes are made of double-brick Wienerberger masonry with a 2-cm intermediate layer of heavy mineral wool providing insulation from structural and aerial noise between the separate units.


Heating and air conditioning


The heating system is provided by the supplied and installed high-class heating units by the Belgian company Jaga and Italian aluminum radiators by Global. Cooling is decentralized, with individual split air conditioning systems in each apartment. The internal units are installed high on the indoor walls, and the external units are placed in specially-built unit boxes.


Communal parts


The lobby is distinguished by its large height clearance of almost 4 meters and a suspended ceiling of several layers, with concealed lighting. An intriguing solution has been applied for the post boxes, with decorative panels with a technical veneer finish. It also makes an impression with the gray mirror coatings, the cut and arranged Granitogres tiles floor design, and the white Lacobel finish with a colored image design.

The flooring of the lobbies of all upper stories is finished with Italian Granitogres and high-quality carpets. The entrance doors of the AGAPEO building are made of chestnut panels with a carved design by ARTEX and frames of MDF. Lit doorbells of Plexiglas and stainless steel laser-cut with a design of the company, with a logo on the handles made of stainless steel with decorative milling. The inspection doors for the facilities in the communal parts are made of a 20 mm MDF frame and black roch stone veneer, with doors with a Lacobel and wallpaper finish.


Buidling systems


The water supply system is made of Inox pipes and fittings of the Viega company.

The building has two high-tech elevators of the Kone company, model MonoSpace 500, without engine rooms, which are in compliance with the highest user comfort and safety requirements.

Every front door and the gatekeeper have a direct connection to each apartment with a high-class home intercom system by the Spanish company Fermax.