Burgas Municipality


MPGroup, eng. Adrian Marinov




Ivo Petrov – architects


district center Meden rudnik,Burgas


Full name of the site:

A kindergarten building for three groups of children, each of 26 members, and for one nursery group of 20 children, utility and service rooms, a boiler room with boiler of combined-burner, three lifts, four separate children’s playgrounds – one for each group, playfields for mini-football and basketball, experimental vegetable/flower garden, gas storage, open-work fence 2-meter high, grassing, water-and-sewage landing systems and electrical grids, and water-and-sewage deviations for the buildings.


Brief description of the site:

Kindergarten “Pinocchio” is an innovative children’s establishment commissioned by Burgas Municipality and built with funds provided under Operational Programme “Regions in growth.” The kindergarten is situated in the regional centre of Meden Rudnik residential quarter, next to an indoor swimming pool. This kindergarten is the first of its kind in the city of Burgas and is characterized with a high class of energy efficiency, minimum consumption of energy and very low heating costs.


The building is a kindergarten of a new type where the main objective is to create dimension and interior spaces, which provoke the development of a different type of spatial thinking in children; another goal is to avoid the routine uniformity in the construction of similar type of buildings. The components of the building are arranged in such way one next to the other, as to create maximum comfort of habitation.


The structure is a free-standing monolithic building consisting of three two-storey bodies joined via a common body. Because another body will be constructed during the second implementation stage – containing only bedrooms, day rooms and sanitary rooms – all service rooms have been completed at this stage. In functional aspect the building contains: day rooms and bedrooms, a kitchen block with sterilizer, sanitary units to each day area, utility rooms, washing room, garbage storage, dispensing room, closets for clean and dirty linen, medical office, other service rooms –  security, bursar’s office, library, study room, gymnasium-cum-music room, office rooms.


Apart from the gas heating installation, a modern solar installation has been designed for the facility, complete with the necessary automation.  In front of the building is situated a metal structure with wooden louvers assigned with sun-protection and ecological function.


The contemporary equipment and furnishing of the bedrooms, study rooms, gymnasium/music room and the other rooms for studies by interest, presuppose innovative organization of the teaching and learning process.


There are “music boxes” made of metal, wood or bamboo in the yard, with which the children will be able to produce various sounds. There are various types of teaching boards as well: a blackboard for writing with chalk; white board for drawing with paints; and a magnet board.  There are a couple of spaces allotted for the playing of naval-fight chess. There is an installation in the yard where water can be poured for observation of water movement and other water characteristics, as well as a sensor path of numerous sections filled with pebbles, earth and autumn leaves where the children can step barefoot. The property has a watering system for the lawns and flower beds. The irrigation water comes from a cistern where rainwater is collected.