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The wise men of old said that where nature is the most benevolent, human touch has to be the most measured. This is also what we believe in at ARTEX ENGINEERING. This is why we created the ARIA residential complex, where half of the area will be covered by a park environment, and where people will become one with nature.

The leading force in the design of the complex was inspiration from nature and the architect’s desire and talent to create various spaces, nooks and crannies to satisfy the varying needs of a person enjoying their peace at home: work, rest, interaction, and play.

The complex’s undisputed greatest treasure is the landscaped PARK AREA – THE GREEN BELT before the two multi-family residential buildings which seems to go over conventional boundaries and merge with the natural greenery of the Vartopo Park. The design is shaped by the idea to create a suitable green, improved and protected park environment, landscaped with beautiful alleys, benches and park lighting, creatively shaped playgrounds and recreation areas with breathtaking views. The park zone covers most of the plot, thus underlying the core concept of people constantly in touch with nature. The guarantee of a healthy microclimate is also provided by a report written by ecologists from the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences which confirms the presence of constant air currents which guarantee clean air.

A crucial factor for the future development of the area is the nearby metro station which will indirectly reduce traffic. Due to its large area, this project could have a significant impact on the environment – not just aesthetical, but also ecological.

Your home by ARTEX will be just as secure, stable, and well-protected in 50 years. It will comply with the eternal criteria: wide space, light, easy and joyful habitation, ensuring you a life filled with harmony.

ARIA is perfectly positioned on its plot and all apartments will have a view to the park and a panoramic view to Vitosha mountain. Our talented architects made use of the denivelation of the terrain and the two multi-family buildings are partly integrated in the land. The parking design aims at three goals: discrete car presence, convenience, and a minimum environmental footprint. We creatively employed the natural denivelation of the terrain to situate the garages on both sides of the built internal road to the underground level. The ground-level parking spots are also covered with greenery – just as in all other aspects of our architectural work, we have availed of every opportunity to increase the “green capital” of the complex. Another impressive element are the solutions for connection between the garages and the other areas which are modeled by careful thought about the residents, directions of movement and the rhythm of everyday life.

Access to the residential complex is restricted, and the residents share the responsibility for its maintenance, as well as the adjoining parks. The apartments at the lowest residential levels are designed with spacious green verandahs separated by a fretwork fence – with sitting areas and potential for barbecue. The larger homes have light domes (at the last floors) and panoramic balconies or small courts overlooking the park. In the apartments, whenever possible, the kitchens are designed as separate rooms, but they might also be joined in a common space with the living room. Most of the bedrooms have their own bathroom and WC and individual clothes closets.

The classical atmosphere of the complex, combined with the color design mostly created by the used natural materials, is distinct with its soft nuances reminiscent of the ones found in nature and blends harmoniously into the environment. The building’s positioning offers delightful panoramic views to Vitosha mountain, and in accordance with the new site development plan for the area there are no future construction works planned, which guarantees the view offered for the residents’ enjoyment. The emphasis on glass ensures optimal sunlight exposure and makes the building look lighter, creating an ethereal, spacious feeling.

The ARIA residential complex provides the residents with a healthy environment with the maintenance and expansion of the green spaces in the area. The natural way of life is incorporated in the selection of high-quality materials with a proven origin, the environment-friendly construction and assembly works, and the energy-saving method of functioning of the homes.

ARTEX ENGINEERING’s distinctive style relies on uncompromising quality in all elements of the design. The selection of materials is the foundation for flawless performance of the construction works and future use of the home. The ecological requirements have been complied with. The facade walls are made of ecological ceramic bricks Wienerberger. The thermal insulation of the building has been improved with a general integrated facade system BAUMIT. German five-chamber PVC window frames with low-emission K-glass have been installed for lower heat loss during winter and filtering of the UV rays and heat in summer using a specialized aluminum seal on the outer side of the frame. The soundproofing from impact noise of the room floors has also been made using a modern technology, below the screed, with a “floating floor” with a FonasTex soundproofing membrane. Next is the piping of the building installations and systems. The facades have been made of external plasters in several main colors combined with the warm hues of the vertical lines of stone coating and emphasizing on the different volumes and planes. The fretwork pergolas and the wooden coatings, the large windows and glass rails of the balconies make sure that nothing obstructs the view to the greenery and the mountaintops. 



4. Information on providers of materials, technologies and solutions used for the realization of the building.


ARTEX ENGINEERING AD’s principle of uncompromising, high-quality performance and secure living is materialized once again in the ARIA residential building with its selected materials and tried and tested modern technologies.



Construction technology


ARIA is built with a monolithic reinforced concrete skeleton construction without joisting. In view of the high seismic activity in Sofia, the company employs a special plan to guarantee the stability of the building in the event of a strong earthquake. The facade walls are built of high-quality, ecological, ceramic bricks Wienerberger.





The facade coatings are a combination of stone slabs of the highest in grade and purity travertine with a thickness of 3 cm, as well as an integrated thermal insulation system by Baumit. The thermal insulation beneath the coating is of 12-cm laminated stone wool. The stone slabs have been worked in various ways, there are designers’ lattices of aluminum sheets on part of the facade, as well as a milled elements design on part of the facade with the thermal insulation system. All balcony railings are made of glass and encased in metal profile frames.




ARTEX ENGINEERING AD carefully selected the provider for the window and suspended facade frames and entrusted Rehau. We used REHAU’s GENEO series for the standard window frames system and the lift-slide windows with concealed casing by Roto for the remaining frames. The windows use triple glazing (respectively Planistar / Clear / low-emission glass, all by the Saint Gobain company), and together with the frame profiles, the total heat exchange ratio achieves values lower than 1,0 W / m²K.





All walls between individual homes are made of double-brick masonry with a 2-cm intermediate layer of heavy mineral wool providing insulation from structural and aerial noise between the separate units. We also applied a special technology for the impact noise insulation of the room floors, below the screed, by constructing a so-called floating floor and laying the high-tech soundproofing membrane Fonas Tex.



Heating and air conditioning



The heating system is provided by the supplied and installed high-class heating units by the Belgian company Jaga and Italian aluminum radiators by Global, with copper pipes and fittings. Cooling is decentralized, with individual split air conditioning systems in each apartment. The internal units are installed high on the indoor walls, and the external units are placed in specially-built installation platforms on each floor landing.




Communal parts


Apart from the facades, the stone coating is also laid in the main lobbies of the building. The lobby is distinct with its suspended ceiling on several levels with concealed lighting, mirror doors and bronzed mirrors. The flooring is made of a cut and arranged Granitogres[1] tiles design, and a white Lacobel finish with a colored image design. The post boxes are made of black MDF with a technical veneer finish and milled numbers, as well as a decorative MDF panel with a technical veneer finish and a decorative white seal.

The staircase railings in the building have a metal frame and triplex panels with a matte image design.

The flooring of the lobbies of all upper stories is finished with Italian Granitogres and high-quality carpets, and there are painted glass panels on some of the walls. The entrance doors of the apartments are made of MDF with a technical veneer finish and milling using ARTEX’s design. The frames of the MDF doors are made of the same veneer and an additional frame of white Lacobel, as well as a decorative panel of white Lacobel with a colored image design.

The inspection doors for the facilities in the communal parts are also made of white Lacobel. The floor landings have a suspended plasterboard ceiling with recessed lights, the floor and the plinth are made of Granitogres, the elevator frames are emphasized by the employed marbled limestone. The entrance door areas are carpeted and accented by lit doorbells of Plexiglas and stainless steel laser-cut with a design of the company, with a logo on the door handles made of stainless steel with decorative milling.



Buidling systems


The building has two cutting-edge elevators of the Schindler company, model 3300, without engine rooms, with a 1 m/s movement speed, in compliance with the highest user safety and comfort requirements.

The water supply system is made of copper pipes and fittings of the Viega company.

Every front door and the gatekeeper have a direct connection to each apartment with a high-class home intercom system by the Spanish company Fermax.