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MULTIVAC Bulgaria Production EOOD


eng.Dobri Gatev


Planex Build OOD,Miks-Construction OOD


Architect Avgustina Veleva


Bozhurishte Industrial Zone

The project of MULTIVAC Bulgaria - a production plant for the production of components and parts for packaging machines, located in the emerging Industrial Zone of  Bozhurishte mear Sofia, Bulgaria, is conceived and created for the people. From the functional program of the buildings to the application of innovative systems and materials, everything is subordinated to the core value of the company - the team of employees and workers.


The project was launched in early January 2016 with an intense exchange of ideas between IPS design team and MULTIVAC teams in Germany, Austria and Bulgaria. High standards of quality of architectural design and installations have been laid down, which are based on the big experience of the project manager IPS with lots of buildings all over the world. Basic requirements for the buildings were the creation of maximum comfort conditions for the working environment, both in the production and in the offices, usage of high-quality solutions, compactness of the spaces, delicate elegance in the interiors.

The complex includes two buildings - a main building in which the production and administration are located and a social and residential building, which houses a canteen and hotel-type rooms for temporary accommodation of specialists, in the process of training and guest from abroad.


The main building has a compact volume, in front of which is the administration oriented towards the main street, and behind it are located the production, the warehouse and technical areas of the enterprise.


The administration is on three levels and includes reception, representative showroom with demonstration kitchen and training room, offices on the ground floor and first floor. The workspaces are designed with the aim of maximum openness and a sense of light and spaciousness, with a clear height of 3.50 m. The managerial staffs are separated from the common spaces through glazed walls, height to suspended ceilings and built-in blinds. In the conference rooms at both levels a sliding partition wall system is used which provides flexibility in the way they can be held at meetings and presentations. The innovative component in the interior is the suspended ceiling with a built-in heating and cooling installation. Linear luminaires and ventilation grilles are arranged in the joints between the ceilings that follow the axes of the suspended facade. At the same time, pleasant temperature comfort is achieved without any sharp air borders, increasing the quality of acoustics and a modern vision in the rooms. Special attention is paid to the "relax" area, located on the highest level, where there is a gym and bar with indoor and outdoor parts. To the south, the two spaces have a panoramic view of Vitosha Mountain and a green roof right in front of the sliding facade panels that allow the rooms to be fully open in the warm seasons. All levels are connected to a fully glazed elevator, surrounded by a three-sided staircase, made of prefabricated beams of visible concrete and steps of single granite panels without vertical parts. The light that penetrates through the glass roof of the staircase ends the effect of transparency and lightness of space.


Interiors are crafted in an elegant, strict style with minimal color accents in furnishings. The industrial style is dominant in the representative space of the showroom on purpose exist with columns of visible concrete, polished floor of polished concrete and visible installations. The facade is made in a combination of white aluminum for solid parts and dark gray frames and automated blinds organized in a continuous horizontal screen. Technical solutions for the façade have been used with high-thermal parameters.


The production is located next to the administrative building and has been developed in a one-dimensional hall with a maximum clear height of 9,0 m. There are zones where are located the the machine production lines. In the hall there are several auxiliary premises - quality control, workshops, sanitary facilities and others. The architectural elements are simple but functional - pre-fabricated concrete elements of visible concrete, sanded concrete flooring, sandwich panels and a roof with a sloping installation. The components that distinguish the production building and contribute to the unique comfort of the working environment are the linear glazing on both sides of the building - roughly one-third of the total area of ​​the facades and light domes evenly distributed over the entire roof area. The need for quality natural lighting stems both from the nature of the production process and the product - fine details and items, as well as from the pursuit of high-efficiency solutions for reducing energy consumption.


The idea for the Social Building is inspired by MULTIUVAC corporate policy to provide its employees with the maximum convenience in the work process and to help their new employees coming from different parts of the country in solving their domestic problems. The building is on two levels. On the ground floor there is a dining room with a capacity of 50 places for dining with a separate part equipped for food preparation. Remarkable is the introduction of a German specialized ceiling for professional kitchens with a high air-handling capacity over the cooking zone, which is installed for the first time in Bulgaria. Above the canteen are eight hotel-type rooms with simple yet cozy furnishings for temporary staff accommodation.


The overall process from design to project implementation took two and a half years, and the MULTIVAC Bulgaria Production site was officially opened with a ceremony on June 6, 2018. An intensive but inspiring period for the team of IPS Bulgaria was a cause for uncompromising performance from concept to realization. The mission included a comprehensive survey on energy and bulding works, complete design at all phases, tender preparation, project management, quality control, and more. Extremely close collaboration between client, designers, managers and project executives at any point in the process has has resulted in a high-quality design product, upgrade of the the initial ideas and solutions to satisfy the end result.


Technical details:



Built-up area:                            - 4380.00 sq.m.

Total built-up area:                   - 4436.80 sq.m.



Built-up area:                            - 783,56 sq.m.

Expanded built-up area:            - 1966,25 sq.m.


Built-up area:                            - 236.50 sq.m.

The total built-up area               - 480.70 sq.m.



Built-up area:                - 19.36 sq.m.



Built-up area:                - 8,80 sq.m.



Built-up area:                - 5427,92 sq.m.

Total built-up area:        - 6903,11 sq. M

Building category:         - 3rd/ for the number of employees between 100 and 200 /


Urban Indicators:



- Density - 27.1%                                                                       - Intensity - 0.34

- Eaves - 10.30m                                                                      - Planting - 47.05%


Arch. Augustina Veleva

Architectural Project

Eng. Dobri Gatev

Construction Project

Eng. Ilka Simidzhieva

Technological Project

Eng. Rayna Terzieva

Water and Drainage Project

Eng. Martin Alexandrov


Eng. Lyubomir Tashkov

Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning

Eng. Svetlana Mihova

Gas installation