LIDL Bulgaria EOOD and KO KD


eng. Emil Tsakov


Kalistratov group Ltd


VAMOS Ltd, arch. Nikolay Yanchev Simeonov



The presented building is a shop for food and household goods from the retail chain "LIDL". The shop with area of ​​2018 sq.m. is located in the city of Sofia, Dragalevtsi district, near the circular intersection formed by Cherni Vrah Blvd and the South Arc of the Ring Road. The parking serving the supermarket has 89 parking spaces, four of which are provided for disadvantaged people and two for families with children.

The shop is built on a single level and its commercial hall is located on the adjacent to the Cherni Vrah Blvd., next to a bus stop. For the sake of convenience, the main entrance is covered with a shelter and has a distinctive light windfang with lockers, enabling the visitors to leave their personal luggage.

The commercial hall has a rectangular spatial shape and natural lighting. The hall has 6 pay-desks and multiple racks and showcases for thematic placement of the products. There are also diverse areas such as bakery for freshly baked pastries, fruit and vegetable area, non-food area, etc. In addition, in a niche to the commercial hall a bathroom for clients is located, fully equipped with both a countertop for babies, as well as facilities allowing access by disadvantaged people.

The direct link between the commercial and the service area for staff and the freight reception area provides employees with the convenience of quickly and easily loading goods and collecting cartons from the store. The site features a paper and nylon baling press that is collected and recycled, as well as a cleaning machine serving for the maintenance of the cleanliness of the floor in the Lidl supermarket. For the staff of the store there are separate toilets, dressing rooms and a social room to use during their break. The room is equipped with basic kitchen furniture as well as a dining table.

The type of construction of the supermarket is mixed. The building is made of reinforced concrete stripped foundation, columns and beams. The roof is a lean-to and is made up of a light metal structure, consisting of steel farms with reinforcing diagonal joints and a high-profile LT sheet metal. The supporting metal structure - main and secondary, tie-bars and X-links - is treated with fire-resistant paint in compliance with the requirements for fire safety.

The air conditioning and ventilation systems are built on the basis of highly efficient heat pump modules that use renewable energy from sun and air. The installation is decentralized and allows remote monitoring and management of individual climatic sectors. The temperature and air quality control is fully automated and tailored to the specific conditions of use of the subsidiary.

The bakery and the reception of freight areas are covered with a flat roof with reinforced concrete slabs. Such slabs are also placed above the control room and the technical premises. In the space of the farms between the suspended ceiling and the roof cover over the hall, as well as in the closed space of the entrance shed, is installed a metal passageway for servicing the under roof installation volume.