Kolio Fitcheto Museum

Restoration of Kolyo Ficheto Museum in Drianovo by the initiative of national contest “Building of the year”.

 210th birthday of the biggest Bulgarian builder – Kolyo Ficheto will be celebrating with an official opening of the museum in his home town Drianovo. The museum was completely renovated by the initiative of National contest “Building of the year”, Drianovo municipality and Bulgarian Construction Chamber.

The poor condition of the museum 40 years after his build up was a reason to launch renovation campaign during the official awarding ceremony of the eight edition of the contest, achieving the best buildings in Bulgaria in the end of 2009.

In this initiative took part eleven building companies, members of Bulgarian Construction Chamber – Glavbolgarstroy JSC, Galchev Engineering Group, Midia Ltd., BIAD-S JSC, Startengineering JSC, Stanilov Ltd., Politrade Costruction, Moststroy JSC, Trace Goup Hold PLC, Viastroy engineering Ltd. and Dimas JSC.

The interior design is donated by Engproeject Ltd. leaded by arh. Konstantin Kosev.

Kolyo Ficheto is a name associated with a talented Bulgarian architect and constructor. He has managed to preserve the precious features of the Bulgarian construction and at the same time add new forms to it. Kolyo Ficheto has a unique style; he has built Christian temples, public and private buildings, church towers and solid bridges. 

The works of Kolyo Ficheto have always filled the lovers of Bulgarian art with admiration. The museum in his home town Dryanovo and the monuments in Veliko Tarnovo, Byala and Dryanovo dedicated to the architect are expressing the adoration of the generations.

His works still impress the lovers of cultural and historic heritage.


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