Application form - doc file

1.    Eligibility for participation

All realized buildings in the territory of Bulgaria, which have permission to be used from 1th of November 2017 to 31th of October 2018 can participate in the competition in the given categories:
o             Office Buildings
o             Corporate Buildings
o             Residential buildings up to 10 000 sq.m. Total built - up area            
o             Residential buildings from 10 000 sq.m. to 20 000 sq.m. Total built - up area
o             Residential buildings larger than 20 000 sq.m. Total built - up area
o             Residential complexes of multifamily buildings
o             Commercial Buildings
o             Manufacturing and logistics buildings
o             Hotels and holiday complexes
o             Special purpose buildings - buildings for health, education and sports
o             Cultural monuments
o             Buildings with elements of green architecture
**Depending on the applications, after consultation with the organizers with the jury additional categories may be established.
***According to the specifics of the building, it can participate in maximum two categories, only after a  consultation with the organizers.

2. Documents for participation.

Each participant in the competition must complete the participation form (available online in the website of the contest, in which to indicate the number and date of the authorization for use of the building and to attach a copy from it.
Every permit for use is checked at DNSK.
To attach to the form:
* Digital images of the building (at 300 dpi , 210 mm wide) – at least five exterior and five interior
* One standard floor plan in PDF format .
* Short description of the building in Word (to 50 lines maximum) in English and Bulgarian stating the specific features and technologies used to distinguish the building.
The participant must notify and coordinate with other companies involved in the realization of the building - investor, designer, and contractor.

The pictures and description of the building will be uploading on the official website of the contest
Each building is presented on the website with one photo and information for the investor, architect and contractor in the contest's special edition for the most significant realizations of 2018.
The participant should indicate a contact person whom the organizers may contact on if the jury needs an access to the building.
All documents for participation must be received by October 31st, 2018 at:
National contest «Building of the Year» 104 Ivan Ev Geshov blvd., floor.1, office 1 Sofia 1612 tel.: 02/ 958 88 55 ;

A be validated the application must be received by 31 October 2018. Organizers are not responsible for the accuracy of the information submitted in the application form. The documents remain in the archives of the organizers.

3. Registration fee.

Every participant must pay the fee of 600 Euro (excl. VAT)
After receiving the application, the organizers send to the applicant pro-forma invoice, through which the fee is paid
The registration fee cannot be returned.
Candidature without a paid fee is not allowed to participate in the awards.

4. Jury and nominations.

All candidatures will be judged by a competent, professional and independent jury. The jury decision will be made by many criteria such as: adjacent infrastructure, access to transport, integration and environmental protection, originality of concept, energy effectiveness and sustainability, quality architecture and implementation. The jury begins in November 2018 and will have two stages. In the first stage three or more nominations will be chosen from each category. In the second stage winners from the given categories will be selected. The nominated and the winners will be notified by email.
The Jury has the right not to declare a winner from a given category.
The Jury can give additional awards.
It appoints the winners based on criteria, set up in accordance with the regulations in the Republic of Bulgaria and professional standards for original architectural idea and quality construction execution performed by architects, designers and contractors.
• Innovation and uniqueness in design and/or concept. Overall appearance, facade, interior appeal, attractive use of interior space, unusual features, quality and aesthetics of finishing works
• Efficiency of design – value for money
o Office  - floors layout- flexibility of office units – ability to divide and unite office units, natural light in all areas, location of lifts, stairs, toilets,
o Retail - floor layout that facilitates flow of clients, lack of dead ends on retail floors, large anchors on corners, entertainment and food court on upper floors, sufficient number of retail units to provide enough variety for the scale of the scheme,
o Hotel -  rooms size and lay out, spacious lobby, convenient location of conference rooms, spa, restaurants, shops
o Residential – location of lifts and stairwells, shape of apartments, efficient internal layout of apartments, spacious rooms, adequate number of bathrooms per number of bedrooms, parametric optimization for each functional area and the adaptability of the living units to the changing needs of the residents.
o Industrial  - flexibility of space, space saving ideas, convenience of use – ramps, double decking system
• Technical quality – different in each category
o 4 pipe HVAC system, clear height between floors, full BMS /Building Management System/, windows that can be opened /for office and hotel/, raised floors /for office/, suspended ceilings /for office, retail, some hotels/, diesel generator and UPS, spacious lobby, quality finishing, smooth floors in industrial space, ramps, second staircase for fire escape, disabled toilets
Achievements in – heat, sound and noise insulation, air conditioning and ventilation
Infrastructural improvements or urban development to the neighborhood, region or town– developing a public infrastructure or public areas; playgrounds, sports or recreational areas, additional street lighting.
• Amenities/services - different in each category
o Restaurants, cafes, canteens, bars, shops, bank, spa, sport facilities, conference facilities, casinos /hotels/, supermarket, sufficient parking
• Location and Access – adequate for the designated use, ease of public and private transport, visibility and presentability of location
- low-emission energy-efficient materials (tiles, joinery, glass fiber, facades, insulations...) with quality certificates
- recycled or recyclable construction materials
- rainwater collecting systems
- wastewater recycling systems
- biological sewage treatment
- alternative energy resources
- energy saving systems (i.e. BMS systems), low-energy appliances (class А. АА)
- construction in regenerated areas, preservation of bio diversity
- preservation and reuse of natural resources (stones, trees, rocks) throughout construction
- proximity of transport networks, cycling networks, parks
- geographic location of the site
- compensations for negative construction consequences – restoring the green areas, recycling and using local materials with low transportation costs.
- long term eco sustainability of the building according to national and world standards
• Target Users – does the actual building relate to its designated target group - actual tenant mix in retail schemes, quality of tenants in office/industrial/retail buildings, type of actual buyers in residential schemes, type of tourists in hotels
• Performance – occupancy - % leased or sold - does the market accept the building - is it a financially viable building
• Impact on environment – how does it relate to the surrounding area, green buildings

5. Television.

The official ceremony for awarding the winners in the jubilee contest will be broadcast on the Bulgarian national television on and on the satellite channel BNT within a week after the ceremony

6. On-line vote.

From December 1st to December 13th 2018 there will be an online voting on the website of the competition ( for the award People's Building 2018.
Everybody can vote once for only one building in a category and will receive a verification email for his vote.
The winner of the vote will not be announced until the official award giving ceremony.

7. Official awarding ceremony.

The awards will be presented at an official ceremony with a Gala Dinner and Ceremony on 13 December 2018 at Sofia Event Center, Sofia.
To each winning building will be given a statuette and a diploma for the investor, the architect and the building company.

8. Additional requirements

No complaints will be taken regarding the decision for nomination and awards by the Jury.
Each participant must be familiar with this regulation to apply and to declare this in the application form.
Regulation for applications
The national contest “Building of the Year” is organized by The CITY Media Group.
Documents with a copy of the registration fee must be sent to e-mail: or at address       
Sofia 1612, Acad. Iv. Ev. Geshov Blvd. 104, floor 1, tel.: 02/ 958 88 55 ;



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