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Radoslav Kotsev







Richmart is modern and highly technological factory for men's suits which provides working places for over 700 employees.

The interior of the building is a combination of different architectural styles and the commercial area and the showroom are situated in the atrium of the factory.

The production building is constructed according to all the legal requirements for safety and exploitation. It is constructed of high quality and energy efficient materials from leading European manufacturers in the construction industry.

The walls are covered with isolation panels which provide excellent heat and noise isolation - 30 cm. thickness and also they contribute for the energy efficiency of the building.

The building's glasses are AGS Japanese with high quality and isolation. A 3 layered glass package with argon is used  which contributes for great heat and noise isolation.

The elevators are Schindler brand, known as one of the best manufacturers in the area.

The window system is SCHUCO. SCHUCO AWS 70.HI - highly isolated window system with 70 mm depth and increased thermal insulation ability corresponding the higher requirements for insulation.

SCHUCO FW 50+. HI - mullion - transom type facade system, thermal insulation, which can be easily implemented and most complex structures.

SCHUCO Tip Tronic - windows first mechanized generation window-hardware, which combines energy, security and automation with the building design. For the first time in Bulgaria is installed a unique window-management system - SCHUCO Tip Tronic with an integrated feature "night cooling". Due to the unique sensor system/ containing humidity, CO2 and temperature sensors, optimal microclimate is supported in the working spaces. The perfect combination of ventilation, temperature control and regulation of heating and air conditioning shows huge potential for energy savings of the building.

The perfect combination of ventilation, temperature control and heat regulation and air conditioning shows great potential of energy of the building which contributes to the excellent microclimate and working atmosphere in the production and commercial areas.

The high technology system for ventilation Roughtop with an active re-cooperator reduce the losses to the minimum. It utilizes 90% of the energy, comparing to the normal ventilation systems this percent is much lower.

The steam generator Weissman from the highest quality of energy efficiency has the ability to control itself and regulate itself.

The modern vision plus the innovative decisions contribute to the perfect microclimate and working atmosphere in the production and commercial areas.