Garmen Minicipality


dipl. arch. Konstantin Peev







The object “Landscape Historical Park Gradishte” is located 2 km on the East from Dolno Dryanovo village, Garmen municipality. The park territory is distributed on area of about 400 acres, on the South from the main road, connecting Goce Delchev to Dospat.
The park territory is situated on 700 m long ridge, oriented to the North – North-West - South- South-East. The approximate area of the hill is 20 acres, the ridge is separated in 3 rocky hills with maximal altitude of 879,80 m. The highland is naturally protected and accessible only from the North-Western side. The rest of its sides are surrounded by impressive picturesque canyon. The slopes are very steep and some of them are almost perpendicular, on the Eastern – North-Eastern they form more than 50 m deep gap. On the top of the highland and on some other places, mainly on the Southern slopes, there are several not big, naturally plain areas, surrounded by picturesque rocky blocks. Some of the rocks are especially attractive. They could be likened to human heads, animal figures, birds and amphibians. There are found traces of artificial incisions and treatments in the rocks – planning, steps, grooves, etc.

The first archeological researches are performed in 2008. They proved the existence of chultural remains of the prehistoric and antique ages.

There are 3 zones (micro zones), defined in the Landscape Historical Park Gradishte: Roadside (Western), Central (zone of the Sanctuary) and Eastern.  

Landscape Historical Park Gradishte completely cover the territory of the archeological chultural monument “Prehistorical and Thracian sanctuary in Gradishte area”, declared as Valuable Archeological Cultural Property with preliminary category of National Importance, with serial number 2621/18.07.2008 of NIICH.
The accomplishment of the project is financed by the program “European Territorial Cooperation Greece-Bulgaria 2007-2013”
The project includes the performance of major building and project works, such as:
Development of DDP – PTO for plot number 000181, in the land territory of Dolno Dryanovo village, Garmen municipality, with area of 530 acres, for Landscape Historical Park Gradishte.
Development of work projects, referred to the architectural part, construction, plumbing installation, health and security plan, fire prevention and vertical planning.

The activities, referred to the accomplishment of the urbanizing, the infrastructure and building and installing works comprehend the development of 3 park zones, where are constructed the following facilities:  
Touristic Information center, 3 shelters with fireplaces, camping zone, outdoor fireplace, 5 pavilions;
Sanitary rooms, purifying module for wastewater, water supply system with reservoir and set of 1700 m;
Rock exposure complex “Chechki Skali”, which includes exhibits of 25 types rocky fragments with education signs;
Deviation and parking area ( on the road connecting Dolno Dryanovo to Satovcha/ at the entrance of Landscape Historical Park Gradishte);
5 bridges and bridge facilities;
Conservation, restoration, exposure of archeological structures and Roman bridge;
Ecological pathways with total length of 6000 m and platforms, panoramic grounds, railings, tables, benches, reinforced stairs and staircases, information, education and indicative signs and arrows.
Attractive lighting, attraction lighting on the remarkable places, electricity supply of the building of the information center, the parking area and the attraction center with alpine pathway; platform electricity supply and development of transformer 400 KW.   
Alpine pathway with extreme route.

The accomplishment of the project contributed to the development of the natural sources of the region and to the popularization of the cultural-historical heritage, situated in the territory of Garmen municipality, as well as to the improvement of the economic development and establishment of prerequisites for cultural tourism in the region of Garmen municipality.